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She did prosecutors said twenty eight-year-old Anna Sorkin who was born in Russia used a fake identity as a German heiress to scam victims out of more than two hundred thousand dollars. They said she defrauded financial institutions and socialites into believing. She had a fortune of sixty seven. Million dollars. Sorkin was convicted last month on multiple counts of larceny and theft and has been in custody since October twenty seventeen arrests Netflix and HBO are both working on shows based on her scams. A ninety one year old World War Two veteran has finally received his high school diploma. Eight decades after leaving school to support his family pizza bedroom walked across the stage at dairy area high school about forty miles west of Pittsburgh to accept his degree at a special award ceremony alongside Tim was his grandson who will graduate from the district's high school on may thirty first the Tribune review. The vigil was attending eighth grade at the former Derry township high school in nineteen forty when his father died, and he had to leave school to start work. He worked for the railroad until enlisting in the military when the US entered the war earned his GED and says it's something to finally have the diploma. Video news. I'm Tim Maguire, the chairman of the House Ways and means committee, Massachusetts Democrat, Richard Neal has sent subpoenas. The Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and.

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