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Good morning everybody now before we get to all the craziness with the dems let's check in with the Martin and Clementon New Jersey good morning Jim Martin very good morning guys eight first of real estate thank you tomorrow or not my wife and I was going to go see the iPhone's form yeah great place you'll love it and Eileen Atkins and I Jonathan Pryce wasn't a miniature light of the storm such such good actors such good actors yeah I love them I love a lot of quick question yeah why is it that you give that little and worry says on the on the on the topic what's the point of bringing it that it's only one black person black first whatever what is the race have to do with anything well in this case well let me answer let me answer let me answer that you can ask your second question yes the question the letters just hang there in this particular case and two cases in the Dallas fort worth area I just happen to be two white cops innocent look of shooting the shooting to innocent black now I'm not saying all cops I'm just saying these two cases and I just got an email for listeners said you know that backing me up saying how come it's never a black cop innocent as shooting as a white person so I think the question has to be asked large you you the media does not report when there's a white on white so what makes the difference between the white and black when there's a black on black why make a difference well I think this also why did you gotta wait till seven thirty thank you Sir to listen to this other person's going to comment regarding about this topic for you to make a decision this is what I like about will result in a like about Joe they actually whether they're right or wall in the topic they have de Cologne is to to state what they feel in their personal opinion you gotta wait til CNN NBC ABC to tell you what to think before you come up with your own okay well but you know Martin he does that sneaky land thing where he kind of implies that it might be a racist I mean Joe what I take positions we may be wrong but we take them with the courage of our convictions of you have the courage to take a racist positions take out here so I'm not take a rate issued on this I'm just saying that I don't think you should inject race into these two tragedies well to answer your question we do have a reporter in Dallas and I think it's important to find out from that person with the people in Dallas you're saying that was some talk show host is saying in your city so that's why I say I can't wait to hear from Jim Ryan but I I I you know you think I'm just being mealy mouth I actually try to see both sides of the story and I'm torn often times and I just think it's just not a coincidence here they have these two very similar cases I think has to be looked into that's all Hey Martin thanks for the call and I and I think you anyway for really good enjoy the play tonight by Marc by Marc okay all right all right so now it's a blouse you loser I'd be what a loser this dumb clock mayor of ours is so he's at the Columbus day parade of course they all blew him they boo him because he won't to commission a statue of mother Cabrini is that the reason they're going the other one well the boot him because he's a loser because he's just an idiot that's why they bought but a lot of it has to do with the fact it would have the statue yes we have some audio this let's see if we could pick it up yeah let's hear it.

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