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Pose forgiving. I'm getting old. Frozen. Just a little bit psychiatry and psychology. Saw talk about how do you know? I have never seen a person be cured with Sakari is. Ecology never. Now, you can say I haven't been around enough. I said. Is to mechanical you have to understand the spirit of the mind, and you conscious this give a name. Securites Curiel the Bongo. It doesn't matter. What you give it does it really cure person does bring bringing him together. Do you understand the deep -ness of what is necessary to find paradise and eternal life and to be redeemed? Where do you come into the world the world comes into you? And it shouldn't. I came into the world, and I fall. That it go. Hey, that's me express myself with all these tools. I have all the electronic things and. Chemicals globally. I get blowed up. I've built things that you have never seen before. And my father couldn't grasp it. But he let me use all these transformers and everything I was just at that time. I was about ten or twelve..

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