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Won't give them judicial this is red eye radio all across america eight six six ninety red eye he's eric harley and gary mcnamara parts of rigging the sidelined or not headline first paragraph of the spots news story on sunday viewers far and wide and i wanted to stop breeding after that what on his sunday far and yours far ny how far how wide her captivated by o j simpson once again is fox aired a loss two thousand six interview in which he described the hypothetical account of his involvement in the murder of his ex wife nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman as previous reported fox never aired simpson's interview in two thousand six and said it was lost until now all right in the two special oj simpson the loss confection he revealed staggering details that he called a hypothetical scenario previously detailed in his book if i did it apparently and all odd that that he was he liked did with was like injured like tiger and so he couldn't be on the golf course all the time looking looking for the real by the vat not big any comparison between dr woodson who now and make this known as relating to his injury uh and then this is the best line for those unfamiliar for those she didn't know or those unfamiliar o j simpson was acquitted of the two murders and 1994 in nine taine ninety four in one of the most highly publicized and controversial court decisions in us history so rummells to 25 years for that so yet you've got to put that in a lot of young people why would you talking about but i am i'm i'm 35 officer just by 10 at that point nine or ten or eleven whatever so um they're he got the chilling confession 'cause a lot of buzz on social media it did 'cause i know people were arguing about it left it frightens shaken my head going okay all right why are you debating at harry we why are you still debating it that that in oklahoma state didn't get it now what's uh so i i just i just had to read that no i i didn't see any of it and no i don't wanna talk about it my favorite story california's trademark high taxes an overwhelming costly in confusing regulations are preventing.

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