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Skater oil agca furs furniture made it don't have to match the rest of stuff miles that's a fellow who moved a fullsize couch on his scooter how 'bout that john mcenroe says that serena williams couldn't beat the top seven hundred woman was us the 700 best man in the world by the way he's right best from europe wherever no question some wouldn't qualify it uh somewhat issues the best player in the world what qualify it oh oh she's not immune the best player in the world period the best tennis player in the world you know why why save female player well because if she was a if she played the man circuit she'd be like 700 the world you think so there that doesn't mean i don't think serena's like an incredible player i do but there's you know the reality of what what would happen on a given day the serena could beat some some players are believed because she's so incredibly strong mentally but if she had a just just play the circuit the men circuit that would be an entirely different short our country loves for famous people especially who haven't been seen in a while and i grew up idolising john mcenroe but our country lows to take people who haven't been seen in a while kathy griffin for instance have them say something have everyone engage in righteous in big nation have them apologize all the script i've gotta solution although 'cause i know that your friendly were serena.

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