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And starting affect the lower parts of Michigan. Pull the map on over. Good news on the east coast right now. Everything's high and dry from Boston mass through New York New York walking in DC, the Carolinas. Everything looks like it should be good this morning for the opening of the truck show. Like, I talked about how ever if you guys have anything you want report, traffic or weather the rest of the evening. Eight eight eight six zero eight seven eight five or locally five one three seven four nine seven thousand. And let me go back to the board and Nathan I sing you're on and dropped off callback. And I won't tell Steve, hey, Steve, I had a gentleman call up, and he he wanted to give you double thumbs up and can great calls, and he was a big fan of lone ranger nets, gene. So why don't you? Go ahead. Steve you're informing us about what's going on with the shenanigans in Chicago land. Yeah. I just wanted to make a couple of points. Save. Chen made some good points, and and and range around this. You know, black is black. We take care of our own with which is one thing. But this has got a lot to do with the Democrats and what they're doing in this country. This is it only going on in Chicago. There was a guy on Fox News tonight. An attorney and Philidelphia the state's attorney there was just put in office. He's backed by George Soros. None other than the famous, George Soros and California. Okay. The same thing in Chicago, Kim, FOX four hundred thousand dollars donation from the Democratic Party. George soros. This is going on everywhere David's going on in Chicago, Philadelphia. And and that's what's happening. Putting in these prosecutors because she has higher aspirations. She wants to be a congressman or Senator and work our way up, and that's what's happening there planting these people in certain strategic locations. Tina chen. She needs to be investigated and gone after for obstructs, some kind of obstruction of Justice first lady Michelle Obama's. Right. Right. She definitely needs to be investigated. But yeah, it's just amazing. What what's going on in this country? Well, well, Steve, you're you're, hey, Steve, you're making some great points for the audience. And you you got me thinking because I've heard a lot of people some people would blow it off as conspiracy theories. But that's why they're putting all these corrupt attorney general's all around the country and sorrows the ringleader is donating all this money because you know, corruption starts right in there in the legal system. But it isn't that how Kamala Harris Harrison that how she got started. She was a so-called attorney general I know that she got her start their servicing Willie Brown. Good old willy boy there. The mayor San Francisco. Yeah. Yeah. Well, well, my point is that she she stood the same thing. So she's worked her way up the ladder from being on her knees there with Willie boy. And then now, she's I guess was an attorney general California. Now, she's a Senator and she thinks she's going to become president. But the thing is day the rule of law for Democrats is out the window. What let me let me just make this final point. If that was your eye perplexes this hoax to black ice jumped us with Hillary Clinton has gone. You think we would be out walking the streets hail? No. We'd have been locked up long time ago. Brad, some our noggins beat on. Exactly, exactly. So they basically, and and and this actually goes back to the Obama presidency. He didn't give a crap about law enforcement. Then obviously, they don't give a crap about long floors force. Now spit in the face of the Chicago police. Yeah. And gave the middle finger to all the Trump supporters. Well, you know, Chicago's got a reputation for being a bad place. And of course, we know it's been under democratic control. We know they cheat on elections etcetera etcetera. But it's really surprised me that when even when the mayor whose longtime Obama buddy has come out and criticize this whole thing. I don't know if he's had a change of heart. Or maybe he didn't get the message that this was all being taken care of by the Obamas, etc. Etc. But we definitely know that in Chicago, that's one of the most dangerous place in the whole country to be a law enforcement guy. Yeah, I think all these guys who are in the dark about this day. Even the police Commissioner, Eddie Johnson. You know, that's the other thing is cost the taxpayers of crook county over one hundred thousand dollars a man hours active police officers working on this kid. And took them away from other crimes real crimes. Sure. People die because they couldn't get a police in there. It's just incredible that they're going to try to sneak this the wrong, and I really hope that this. Attorney general and northern Illinois. Is somebody deserves to be accountable for this? They just not just just did not want him to admit. Yes, I committed a hoax guy still lying about it. Does he? Hey, steve. Well, I mean the and people would like a little bit accountability. And if you wanna talk about some accountability, Billy I just heard a little bit of Donald Trump's interview with Sean Hannity tonight. After what this man and his family is went through for damn near about two years over a pack allies, and it all comes down from Obama. Obama had the CIA the NSA FBI DOJ spying on Trump people spying on a campaign. I mean talk about needs some accountability. I mean, if you let presidents try to determine who the next president is going to be how are the people's votes ever get a mean anything? Dave, I'll tell you. I really hope that attorney general bar exposes the Obamas. All the way up the ladder. I really open happens. It would be the best thing for America. Yeah. About. Okay. Thank you. Stay safe out there. Driving down the highways and the byways. Always appreciate your calls. And I look forward to talk to this weekend. Thanks for taking my call. Thank you, sir. Okay dame. Let's go and we'll take a little short break. And I promise the Dr Kazi becoming up next. Hold on. Rhonda make sure to get you in. There says she wants to talk about the lone Rangers comments. So Rhonda and horseback riders and Jimmy, but Dr kospi up next after a little short break here. ATM glucose Lucille.

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