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How many times today have you looked at your phone that is one of many themes? You're about to hear about on the new record from Aftab. Yes, we cannot say their full name on the radio. But you might also remember them because they were the hardcore band that won the Polaris music prize in two thousand nine and they're probably best known for making music. That sounds like this. Genta touto tone there from that was from their last record glass boys released four years ago. Now the band unveiled their new album dose, your dreams, and along the topics like social media and its impact on our culture. The record also brings us a really different sound for the hardcore band they love switching things out for their fans. You'll hear in this one some disco. There's some sixties pop, but like a lot of their previous albums, you'll still find a pretty hardcore punk songs in the mix. We haven't completely deserted. Who they are. They're just trying a little bit of new territory Damon Abraham Mike Hallett check and Jonah Falco they piled into the studio with Tom power. And the story might just make you think about all that social media that you're plugged into almost the moment that Damian Abraham sat down in the Q studio with Tom he admitted this record almost never saw the light of day once they finish their last album. He thought they might actually be done glass, boys. Really kind of the like and the end of the band. I thought it was like, you know, early the end of my. Need to be creative in the band. I think glass boys is ultimately a compromise. You know, Mike came to me. And he's like I want to do this crazy elaborate thing, and I'm like, I don't have any interest in doing that. I wanna do a strip down straight up hardcore record and with with eft up. It's impossible to get a straight up straightforward hardcore record. And we got glass boys, which I do like that record. I do stand by that being like if I never write another album worthy lyrics again in my life. I said everything I wanted to say on that record. You know, I think by between all our records. Mean? But like all the things that I felt I haven't said this yet. I think I said the manga last boys to be had a period at the end of that sentence. I think so. Yeah, we'll get felt like it felt like the end of a chapter in a big way. Like, I think. You know, it felt like the end of the book for me. But I definitely chapter Jonas. Tell me about the first sort of impulses to go into the studio after class, boys. The first impulse to go to the city to make those dreams. I would say that there was very little impulse to go into the studio to echo some of the things that Damian saying in a way. And to bring in what Mike was talking about glass boys being a challenge. It was kind of exhausting to get that done and get that on paper and the idea of having to go back into the studio and turn something out creatively. I feel that. There was a big void for us. It was lucky that we always have these em other projects that we can work on the zodiac series where you can sort of get ideas out of the way kind of as though you need to overcook a few things before you get what you get the recipe. Right. And and going back into does your dreams we had absolutely nothing prepares and nothing plans to the prospect of going into the studio was kind of the same as sitting at home were you? Where'd you wouldn't go into the studio at all? Damian just said, I actually I didn't have that worried. Not to try and take the rug out of what was the Daime saying about his creativity? And what he needed to say. I just always assumed that there's gonna be some project that aft- up is going to endeavour to be a part of this. And the studio really became a tool for us real conduit for songwriting became an instrument almost some somewhere between glass boys and does your dreams. So I just assumed it would be there to tell you the truth. I have no idea in what way but is inevitable. I I can't get over the range of genres on this record. I don't even really like to talk about genres that much. But I do hear like sorta disco and your dreams, it's pob. It's it's hardcore do op tendencies on this Mike was was the intention to try out different genres. Or was it just things were coming to you. And you wanted to put them out in the way, they were they were coming in your head. Like, we weren't really writing an album, we just had it was sort of like we had studio time, you're just writing music, and it wasn't until like a year later that the songs we had started to coalesce. To a fully realized thing. So I think me and just spent so much time together and everyone in the band is into so many different kinds of music, and sort of like scholars of music that we just had a lot in there. We wanted to sort of flex and just see what kind of stuff we could make. And it wasn't until a lot later that those songs started becoming. Eft up songs Daming as we kind of pointed out from talking to Michael Jonas affair, you weren't there for all of this. What was your reaction when the songs Cup brought to you kind of three stages? Jonah was there for the first stages? I got the songs demo couple. We there's there's definitely other versions of some of some of the songs, and it was one of those things where you know. Like, I forget which one it was. And I remember being in there and being like, how can I write to this also in the midst of kind of producing and hosting this wrestling TV show. So I was travelling like all the time really focused on that. And it was just so. Different. You know? And it was just so different. How different sonically I think it was different from what I wanted the band to be right? You know, and I think with trying to right? The way I write songs I was having a lot of problems. Like, it was not a productive session. I think we got a couple we've got a be side out of it. Four or five days and alerts writing we're really lazy. And I was just like what am I going to write about, you know, I wasn't writing to somebody is before the concept was kind of introduced, and we were just kind of like writing and trying different things out. And I couldn't really find it. And I remember going to Mike and being like, I don't I don't know why he doesn't really working. And then Mike came back and said, I wrote everything that I was like, you know, my natural reaction was like WalMart saying everything you wrote like all eventually write my own songs. And then you just kinda had it all figured out. You know, he had this whole kind of plan in place. And so for the first time instead of being like, well, how do I fit into your plan? I was like which is something that I think John has done a long time in the band been like how do I ate this plan in coming to fruition? And Joanie do that for me when I was writing songs with the band, certainly does it for Mike. And so that's what I decided I was going to try and do this record. Yes. And is that heard it's definitely hard. Like, I think I think it's hard to put your ego in check for for anything, you know, and especially in a band, especially being a lead singer in a band. I remember gore told me one time like townies are those like the worst namedrop thing ever. Gordon? He said to said to me one time that like elite singers where it differently. You know, like the lead singer, you have to take in all this energy, and that's positive and negative. And I think you do that night in a night out. You do that every time you write a record? And that's that's training. And you know, as a lead singer, you have to have this ego defense that's up in place. I've unending empathy for people in music that do silly things. None criminal horrible things. I should specify. But like people that do and say dumb dumb dumb thing. Because I think it's just like it does pickle your mind eventually being in in a band. I wanna talk more a little bit about the record. If you're just tuning in speaking with Damian Mike Jones from about does your dreams play a little bit from the record. Jonathan you know, that's an elusive Welsh singer called Nigel bunks how good enough. I can't wait to see you do that live. I tell you what that's easy that part's easy. I wanna take a page from.

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