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The our tell her in university book breathed a review of the day is richard bells irs or corporate conspiracies a wall street took over washer this is from the introduction of all the books we research for this work the title we love the most was this one regime change begins at home bringing america from corporate rule beloved it because it presents as a hard fact something the very few people completely understand and then he quotes from that book since 1980 america has been run by a corporate regime it has coopted both political parties and shifted sovereignty from we the people and transnational corporations and a quote since this book covers some corporate conspiracies we will no doubt take a lot of heat for that and be deriding lee referred to as conspiracy theorists so we would just like to remind people that the phrase conspiracy theorist was actually invented by the central intelligence agency be used as a weaponized term with which to discourage people from seeking the truth we kidu not cia document why does 35 dash 960 dated april one nineteen sixty seven regarding the agency's concern about the reputation of the american government in quotes at document also suggested various tactics for countering quote conspiratorial arguments which confronted the gaping holes critics observed in the findings of the warren commission which in investigated in quotes they really did no such thing in reality uh the assassination of president kennedy quote the agency also direct that its members to employ propaganda assets to negate enter refute the attacks of the critics and quote so as you can see and as the freedom of information act release of that cia document clearly release reveals use of the term conspiracy theorist is actually a conspiracy itself but if you believe rightly the julius caesar and hundreds of other leaders were the victims of conspiritors as they were then you're an evil conspiracy theorist right well if anybody actually believes that then you'd better read up on your history boys and girls because conspiracies are an ongoing in very common occurrence in human conduct l let's get down to the nitty gritty are you aware that many friends of robin williams believed that his suicide was the direct result of.

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