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Read says are Kelly must allow a team from the city of Chicago access to the eight thousand square foot warehouse to nineteen north Justin Kelley's attorney wanted a thirty day delay the deputy corporation counsel. Kimberly Roberts says the city considers this an emergency situation and the judge agreed department of buildings received a three one one complaint that people were living inside this warehouse. We don't have any permanent history showing that the warehouse was converted for living space and hasn't been zoned for that. So we had to get inside to figure out how this is being used because if it's being used improperly or wasn't converted properly is not safe occupants city building inspection team will go through the building next Wednesday. Another judges ordered Kelly evicted from the building for non-payment of rent Craig Delamore, NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM trial has once again been postponed for south shit Peoria teenager, charged in the shooting. Deaths of two people, including a Chicago teenager near Bradley university last year seventeen year old German Tae Brock is charged as an adult in the August deaths of twenty two year old Anthony Paul Nitz and eighteen year old NAS Jade Murray, a premed student from Chicago officer says officials say that Brock shot opponents because he was affiliated with a rival gang. And that Murray was simply attending the same party delay in the trial is pending DNA results from the state police crime lab, President Trump says he has absolute rights declare a national emergency fund his border wall. He says that's the easy way out fo telling reporters he thinks congress should give him the money to do this. But if they fail to do so he will declare the emergence if they can't do it. If they just can't do it. This is a fifteen minute video. If they can't do it. I will declare a national emergency student also said he will sign a Bill to retroactively pay federal employees when the partial government shutdown ends. TSA workers at Chicago's airports may get some help from the public. If an online fundraiser picks up steam after seeing a government contractors online plea for help during the shutdown Bill Natoli made a donation on go fund me, and then started wondering what about the TSA workers and coast guard members who also aren't getting paid. But I realize well, I wouldn't know how to disseminate coast bear dollars. But. I could probably do it through their union. So the Downer's grove man has set up a gofundme campaign called dollars for Chicago TSA workers and has reached out to their union. The American federation government employees is steering people to file for unemployment. Instead, Matt hausky says federal employees and the American public who rely on their resources need a budget passed. Nothing else will be remotely equivalent Anthony hardy, NewsRadio one zero five point nine FM before a speech at the union league club day, Illinois, Senator dick Durbin, talk to the media about their federal shutdown. It was interrupted by heckler as Senator Durbin spoke to a reporter a man nearby interrupted and said there is not a single black man on the federal bench in Chicago, sir..

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