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Could you name on put your name on it in my mind that if you just run through somebody face <unk> people are going to be able to take that over and over and over over over over over over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again it is not gonna won't then fuck face to worry about them. Mm-hmm <music> mary lou gumbo comedian in bellevue washington. I think is now defunct as far live close. Uh it's close alive. The jamie was in town every weekend. You sell out really funny mary. Lou take care the person who maybe believes that the least cloud. I'm working good. You're freaking balls of steel. Feel circus freak volunteer yeah yeah. I'm a juggler juggle and go to dublin conventions around the country and then i volunteer circus for thirteen years actually have their logo tattooed on my leg is a good time to impact first of all juggling conventions yeah this three definition of convention festive all would be like <hes> like a convention oven a gathering yeah yeah convention where people go like a learning annex yeah my real estate tips juggling tipster there were there were sops talks shows yeah i am just picture gymnasium full of.

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