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Is people's park which was the scene of a major confrontation between police and student protesters back in nineteen sixty nine berkeley's mayor supports the university plan even know what to do with people's park has been a contentious issue in city politics for more than forty years let's get a closer look at why this little patch of green has been so hard to build on on the kcbs news line tom dials allah columnist for berkeley side who was working on a book about the history of people's park tom good to have you with us are you with this time i am very okay so tell us what people's park was and i guess was might be the key word here well it has been for forty nine years i'm still is briefly in nineteen sixty seven university the right of eminent domain to buy and demolish a city block between telegraphing haste about four blocks away from campus build a married student housing and then a soccer field having demolished the houses north of land for the better part of a year and a half turned into real eyesore and then i going on april twentieth nineteen sixty nine a really unusual coalition of merchants and neighbors and professors hippies in yuppies and pacifists made it into a park volunteer labor volunteer plants twenty five days later governor reagan sent in police defense it and in the ensuing suing day there was a considerable state violence there was a march down telegraph a bystander was shot and killed by now let me share of a bystander was shot and blinded by not only the sheriff a bystander was shot and we'll for life right now i mean the sheriff the national guard occupied berkeley for three weeks serious martial law in the national guard helicopter tear gas the entire city of berkeley and tom i think it's safe to say that that people's park and i don't mean to cut you off there but we're limited in time on time but people's park has become rather iconic symbol of what happened during the protest movement of the late sixties and into the early seventies but over the years has that park sort of fallen into a state of neglect and point to a point where it's not the best place to be anymore it has fallen into status neglect and some some would say that that is intentional by the university to heighten the contradictions support building there but it is it is nowhere near what the dream of those who built it was or a great place to be all the time okay so with this plan from the university and with the support of the current mayor berkeley what would people's park look like they're at least some of it left but certainly not the expense that there is currently i think that the the plan which is very preliminary is is student housing homeless housing some memorial to the events of nineteen sixty nine some open space okay tell us about the book writing well i am looking at forty days and forty nights nine hundred and sixty nine between the beginning of the building of the park in on april twentieth nineteen sixty nine may fifteenth was bloody thursday when reagan sent in the police to take the part back and james rector was killed and may thirtieth which was the largest protest march ever in berkeley thirty thousand people marched in the streets of berkeley protesting the national guard ocupation and the taking of the fence the part which should be colorful reading best of luck with the book tom thanks so much for joining us tom l columnist for berkeley side writing a book on the history of berkeley's people's park onto the moneywatch john kcbs it's crazy but the nine one one emergency call system doesn't work very well with cell phones now there's finally.

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