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Packers patriots Sunday night Rogers Brady put. Electric. Show said unicorn talk leading this. Here's Tom Brady. Get you really this isn't the Super Bowl. This isn't a playoff. What he told Jim gray of Westwood One. Did say he was excited for this one. What do you buy or sell Brady downplaying the importance? Thanks for coming to be reality. Tony I am selling what he said. This is a critical game for the patriots for both teams. Obviously the Packers need to stay in touch in that division. And the patriots are chasing the chiefs. They might have to go to that playoff game in Kansas City. They may not get to the Super Bowl if they lose this game at home. This is an important regular season game. Because as what he mentioned the Packers are third in the NFC north right now it matters. Whether they win the game. But what doesn't matter. What happens between these two guys whether or not will affect how we see them. We're not going to change how we feel about Brady if he loses it doesn't take waive his brings and we're not going to change how we feel about Rogers. Could we're always gonna blame the team and coach around him for what he doesn't win. It's just a fun game to watch. This is truthful arrogance coming from Tom Brady, look he plays to go to Super Bowls Aaron Rodgers trying to get the Packers back into the playoffs for the first time in a couple of season. So he's absolutely right. That this is neither a Super Bowl nor a playoff. Yeah. Just Brady being smart. He doesn't want the attention on him or the team. He wants to call me, the low-key, and yours is going to be crazy enough as it is. This is why he gets the super bowl's 'cause he doesn't treat every game. Yoed out make a pick for the game. Will you got backers? Patriots. That's inanimate for four. All right. We'll move on by herself. Two. Got a motor the Bob. Firecracker? Magic Johnson was calling Luke Walton into his office following the Lakers win this two game road trip. Magic reportedly admonished Walton in an aggressive tone over the team sluggish start painting a picture of rising pressure on Walton latchkey. This is your cat by herself pressure mouthing on Luke Walton, I'm buying it. It feels like the end is coming near it. Just feels like Luke never really had a chance. He wasn't magic guy. He wasn't LeBron's guy. Jeanie Buss supports in. But she pretty much get your franchise LeBron now LeBron's working in conjunction with this. And I think he deserves the chance he has. They were sixteen sixteen at the end of last year. He was bringing young players along it's hard to adjust with LeBron James team is hard to figure out where who knows where? But I don't think he's got shot. What do you think the time line is here? What are we looking at your how much time I have? If this pressure is the Lakers fired both Mike Brown and Del Harris really early in the season. They're not afraid to do. It could come at any time. Come anytime who come this weekend? Yeah. I don't think this weekend. But he could come. It could come before thanksgiving. What he paid makes no sense. I'm celebrate the guy has great roots. As in his basketball career is family and coaching with the warriors. And you're gonna give him a full chance because you didn't hive what are they gonna do out there? Bill. Bring back the high chair, Phil Johnston grand. Who you gonna get this better than him with young players? I lou. I don't know what he's arguing with since Bill said, he doesn't agree. I. He's dealing with suspensions. Injuries a player who has traditionally when joining a new team taken a long time for that team to adjust to his presence. He's shuffling lineups. Because he's trying to figure out the older veterans or the younger guys who fits the best. He's doing what he needs to do to try to figure out this team, the problem as Bill said, it's even if we don't agree with an even if it doesn't make sense it. Sure seems like he's nobody's guy and most notably LeBron. So they're gonna go find the Bronx guy caving the long jetty for Luke Walton was shortened as soon as LeBron James changed addresses in welled up Laker Ville, and we all know that..

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