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But yeah. I mean it's kind of vague that's exciting. That's that's like coach tomlin one. Oh one right there. Well he doesn't have to say anything about injuries deger specific as he wants. Yeah maybe it was just me that. I thought that that was interesting. That it wasn't say none. I mean you would imply that. He was talking about an injury but he doesn't really say it's interesting balaj ballots. Whatever you wanna call. I think i have him on the list. Because i think he's going to be something to watch. He's yeah everyone's been talking about him since mandatory minicamp. Let's go to defense brian. He got on defense to watch buddy. Johnson i wanna see what this guy has right. Yeah absolutely i mean he. He'll probably play the entire second half so you'll see a lot. I want to see him too. That's a given. What about you dave defender. Can i give you two well. We're gonna go around again but you can cut say too. I said this on the scarborough show. This is what i want to see. I want to see cam sutton. And james pierre as the to outside corners. Both of them out there at the same time to get more of a sample size. And then i'd like to see him. Switzerland's that's what. I'd like to see see them each work each side to of that of of just seeing what you have in your in your starting who could be starting outside corner because why not. I mean if you're saying they're both going for the for the same position doesn't mean that you have to leave one of them on the on the bench while the other ones out there because you wanna both in that same side of the field. I'd like to see both out there at the same time and just kind of see how things work. So that's why like to look at now. I had james my list for sure and someone that i wanna see. But i don't know. Did he practice. The antoine brooks junior practice today. Dave i did not have him as if someone not practicing that i can remember. I'd have to double check here. He's one that if he's playing. I really want to see what he can do because he deb. That hit me like a ton of bricks. When i found out that he was getting the first shot at mike hilton his job. In the nicholas. What antoine brooks junior reportedly. He's lost weight he's improved. His athlete is his speed his agility. He's a lot lighter I wanna see what antoine junior do people forget. This guy didn't even make the team last season at a camp. He was cut signed to the practice. Squad promoted unstuck. So i'm gonna say anton books junior brian. Do you have anyone else on the defense side. The football you're looking forward to seeing quincy rochet hugh from the year. I wanna see this guy. I think he's a dynamic. Pass rusher and i think he's the kind of guy that could have multiple sacks in the preseason. I mean granted. He might be he might be the yuji three with just a lot of action because you three had a lot of a lot of sacks and a lot of tackles that year but he was laying a good bit of the two thousand nineteen preseason. I would think hugh gets a lot of actions. Well has anyone heard. I did say that bob route liberal pumped up cue from the you a little bit in a post practice pros camp video. I have not heard a thing about him. Otherwise anyone anything. Because they're all focused on ingram and highsmith remind get it. I've heard more about Who's the guy that ah jones jamir jamir and i have quincy rochet. It's just weird. That's all i'm sentences. Weird latinos picks. You wonder if the steelers are trying to not make him be noticed as much. Because you know you've got to remember this is the preseason goes on some of these guys at the steelers think are but they don't think they have room for they might wanna not highlight so much in order to get them on the practice would see i look at it. See my conspiracy theorist mind goes the other way i see bob lab arreola as a steelers employees like we drafted this kid. Someone's got to say something good for us. We're going to look like a bunch of idiots of likely iowa. Go ahead dave's did you have another one. I mean i said to before. I could save more honestly. I would like to see you know. I think miles gilbert is gonna get to play an awful lot of strong safety. He's been getting a lot of work with the ones because we found out yesterday that we know before the throw. Edmunds had had surgery obstacle. I am so we know that now that that's why kill has been getting a lot there and which is interesting because i don't know if he's a guy that they even considered for that slot position but because he's playing in place of edmonds. He hasn't had the chance yet if you know what i mean. It's really interesting. Because you brought that up about brooks. It sounds like i wonder if they're not. They might not even want to run the same player in the slot all the time. Because are they wanting to do use the slot as a mike hilton type slots or they actually wanted to use the slot as more of a coverage slot not more like a slot backer as some people have said. I mean if you want someone that's more that's more like a linebacker can blitz help with the run and can can take the short acting routes that makes sense that that they would look for. Someone like antoine brooks junior. But i just want to have an idea of who was. You could possibly see their well. That's one of the person on my list. Is arthur let of like the forgotten free agent acquisition. No one talks about arthur maleta. I i kind of really started to enjoy what he brings to the table at least on paper on film on jeffrey benedict did is film room breakdown when they signed him. What is arthur millette. Bring to the steelers defense. You can google that and you'll see his article look it up. He breaks down the film when he was with the new york jets. He could play the slot. He can play safety very versatile. And i heard mega fitzpatrick talking about in the other day after practice saying that they meaning brooks and millette are two different completely different players that bring completely different components to depositions. Dave i agree with you. I wouldn't be shocked if they have. I guess you wanna call the big nickel and a small nickel where this sly defenders do. Different things do different things. Okay all right very good any anyone else that we haven't mentioned that you're looking for scenes. I don't know some someone from peter gallery. I was trying to find the mute. Can and we're back to control your kids brian. All right anyone else. You're excited to see play on thursday. Could be offense defense yoohoo. I'm going to say go ahead. No just go. And i'm special teams. Let him go. Yeah.

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