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One's a character. And the other is his himself. Yeah. Absolutely. But it's still pretty impressive of. Oh, No, no. I'm not taking away from it mean to popular shows. I guess I should say is, you know, Matt LeBlanc. Yeah. But that's playing the same character. You got me there. So then we count does last week tonight count, then as a spin off. No, it's not it's a direct kind of thing. I think Jon Stewart kind of allowed him not allowed him. Good caste masters, but. No, give him a platform. Yeah. Which kind of launch from I mean syncing with whites next show on HBO. Look, you know, he was he was a correspondent you wouldn't call that a spin off of the daily show, whereas is direct connection with the Colbert show simply because also it came right after. The daily show, and he was pretty much playing the same character. Yeah. So the same kind of oblivious concerned. So do we count than Samantha b show? Also that came after see now, we're starting to hit the I think that gray area a little bit. Sure. I don't think so. In a yet. And I think you bring up a fine question. Yeah. He audience members. Should should call in call coal into our hotline. It's something something easy. Eight eight four five easy. Is that really what it is? That is exactly what it is. No repeat the number eight four five easy hoax. Yeah. So call that number and let us know what you think whether or not cement, the b and even less less tonight is technically a spin off the daily show because. Yeah. I'm on the fence. I'm on the fence will now, and I think that's what they cut their teeth. Sure. I think you'd be it's absurd to think that they didn't get influence from the daily show. It's so, yeah, I don't even know. So I've a really terribly terribly terrible. Spinoff that eighty show. Oh, I even debated on whether or not I was going to bring that up. You thought about it? I did your brain data. And yeah. Just just just just did not work. Yeah. I can tell you from my experience that those kids did not like that show. And do not think it was a good idea into not think it was funny at all the dive. I don't blame them. It was like fuck those kids. I mean, I listen I said from my modest experience it was insulted a little bit. What I mean? Look. Okay. Honestly, the show is bad. But I would take it as a compliment that like, okay, my show is so good that they're trying to make some more money off of it. And also those kids like listen, they just got a gig in Hollywood. Yeah. Giving what kids some slack? They didn't write the for. Yeah. Come on. I doubt they blackballed them or anything like that. But still I don't know. I don't know go out to a club. And like, you know, Danny Masterson. I'm not dancing them talking to those. Kids. Different decade. So I did in some of mine, I tried to go back to more childish or childhood stuff. No childish childish done say signature dish. I was a huge fan when I was younger of the Flintstone kids. You know, what I did enjoy that show watch it? I mean, I watched a season of it. I couldn't tell you a single episode. I could tell you one go, I tell you. I seem to remember. There was three..

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