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Shop Foundation class and our sculpture one class. There are foundation classes there, really? For the new student, the person who's never made sculpture. War is coming back to sculpture. Or maybe you're a painter or a printmaker photographer, and you want to expand your Vocabulary of art and working three day those are the classes for these people just wanted people to know that those classes they're going to be starting in mid October, mid October, Okay? And you have how many positions open? Oh, jeez. I think there are nine positions are open in Petro whole shop Foundation class, and I have 10 positions. Open it right now. I have nobody signed up. All right. So the plenty of room 19 positions open between two of them Shot foundation is basically etiquette. How not to kill yourself How to use them how to use the tools. The way I like to describe Richard. It's very open course you could make a utilitarian apiece, or you can make a purely piece of pure sculpture that has no other function. It's about giving people the tools and how to safely use. You know, it's an empowering course It's a course where a person comes in. They don't know anything about shot. We take them through all the machinery. They work on there will be working on their own projects as well. We'll do a Siri's of exercises. By the time they're done, they'll be comfortable that's taken safely. Use all the equipment that shop foundation so petro window. When are the classes help? Found the sculpture class is Tuesdays and it's pretty much all day from 8 30 till five o'clock. And I believe the shop Foundation is also on Tuesday. That's the one John is teaching. There are only maybe I'm sorry. Go ahead. Spencer apartment. On. We will, In addition to being in the studio will also have an online component, so some of the material will be delivered online and that way we're not lingering that much on campus. We can kind of get in on campus and get our work done. And then leave the studio once our work is completed. Cost. John. I think it's $50 a credit and it's a three credit class. So that would be $150. If you're over $65 lakh of credit. I mean, what? What could you do where it goes for, like? Months on end in the coast of $15. There were also a few small fees. There's ah like a facility. You such maybe $70 for the semester. $45 for some classes and There. There's a student activity, which is a couple of dollars. So you know if you're if you're in state and you're under 65, you're looking about $200 for the course It's a steal. And you get credit for it. Correct. Oh, yes, They're credit classes. Uh, I like to joke, though. If you want to go back to my old alma mater, Cal Arts will take all our credits. If you want to go to you and them. You want to check with very picky, you know, And you know what I mean. Yeah, yeah. Well, registrars in and you know, assistance typically run the campuses anyway. Um, I found that at my college days, it's like, you know if you anger the wrong person in office You're basically screwed for your entire crew Reminds, will transfer All right. So once again, you can learn how to weld. You can learn how to carve marble or granite like, be like Petro Hall. You can't learn how to cast in the summertime. You can learn how to do ceramics. You can learn how to do Would you can learn how to combine. All of those like John is doing The new piece. What else? What haven't we covered John? Well, we also have a class in. OK, so we have traditional New Mexico 10 work. Okay, you go now. You know these classes. The wonderful thing about New Mexico 10 work. It's like, you know, you work on a piece of sculpture, and it's like you've got to have a new mindset about time. It's not like hours days like days weeks months. Sometimes years. Mexico to work you go in there. Start of peas. Finish it that day or the next day often, you know, and it's beautiful on Fred Lopez. He did the state emblem for New Mexico done of some years ago. He's a great guy we also have in the spring. Felix Lopez teaches santeros and I believe that this fall he's working on the restoration work. She? I believe he's in charge of the restoration. Sentoryu teach a mile, but don't hold me to it, but he's he's of that, Cal, okay? But this is the thing about CC. It's really a hidden gem. Because the quality of the instructions very high And so those air traditional in Mexico. We also haven't ceramics. We have Pueblo pottery, and we have my cases. Pottery, the person who teaches Marcus's party Ha ha Pottery apartment. Yolanda was a student of Phil eBay. Ortega's Saratoga was a major major figure. In my case, it's pottery work. So it's you know, it's really, really well. He's passed away. He is no longer available to teach. Home. So it's really, really Ah, great program. Other things. We have kind of a classic modeling class, which is running right now. It's too late to join these classes. Okay? For this semester on modeling is only offered once a year in the fall. But was hunt. She's a great instructor. And so if you want to learn how to classically render a figure You know, kind of like Michaelangelo. It's such a It's such with Donatella, etcetera, etcetera. That's the place that you would want to start. She didn't she? It's like learning the mechanics of anything. Ah, Then you take that information and you can use it to do what they want. Sf SI si dot e d u Yep. On anybody Who wants to contact me. It's John J. Witch and dot voice. Bill. Why? C That s F. C C are meeting you and I will help you get through the process of Getting, you know, enrolled. Getting started. You've also done some videos of your work is well right available on that, or do you have a personal weapon? Well, if you could s FCC God needy you I have a virtual show now a TTE, the Scientific Community College gallery. You can find that on the home page for SFC See guardian to you. On. There's a little video video is quite nice this time. I actually Martinez did a wonderful job and Ah, I have a show that's going to be opening in like 23 weeks of the old Casa location, which is next to a Horie's. Coffee on the entrances and stereos, Penrose You can see my work there. All right, Petro. What about you? You have a website for your work.

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