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Hour number two of our little show. You haven't heard not long ago. There was. An odd political fight it actually led to the most political spending of any local campaign in history of the city, and it was to force. Uber drivers into background checks Nobre made the public relations disaster. Move bailed out they come back. The rest is history. Now, oddly enough, you have Uber drivers behaving badly stories. Including political fight, including. This goes back to the ward theory just shut up. You don't need to be talking to people. Hey, what do you think about President Trump? I mean, I know. I know what happens, but. Not going to end. Well. L you get an airplane. Just shut up. You get an Uber. Just shut up. So I don't know which who started the discussion, but it didn't end. So well, no, it didn't so Cording to the reports the Uber driver and the passenger get into a political argument. Probably listen to the show. And. If I remember if I understand this correctly, the Uber driver pulled the knife. The passenger said something political. How the Uber driver put down the knife. And then smashed him in the face. Yeah. That's what you do when Saturday night or getting that over what the heck?.

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