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Crew dragon was scheduled to conduct a key test of its emergency aboard system in June. And its first crew mission was slated for July. Nasa recently said that timeline is under review. I'm Bill Michaels. Chesley Chris of North Carolina has been crowned miss USA twenty nine nine tonight in Reno Nevada. Chris earned a law degree and an MBA at Wake Forest university before becoming a civil litigation attorney who does pro Bono work to reduce sentences for inmates Barbara cusak. At simple mobile. You get the no contract advantage unlimited talk and text plus three gigabytes of high speed data now for twenty dollars a month for the first three months just twenty dollars a month on a lightning-fast G L T nationwide network and no contract. That's our best deal ever. Learn more at simple mobile dot com. Simple mobile out with the old in with the simple requires new auto reopen Roman by six thirty nineteen Twenty-three seventy five per month after I remains credit card. Simple mobile required for enrollment, plus taxes and fees. See terms and conditions at simple mobile dot com. The Home Depot has very good news for your lawn. It's called Scott's thicker lawn right now early nineteen ninety eight bag thicker lawn is a three in one mixture of seed fertilizer and soil improver perfectly formulated for thicker, lawns and happier. Lawn owners so spread the word for two fifty percents thicker loan after just one application. Today's the day for doing it Scott's thicker lawn from only nine hundred ninety eight a bag now at the Home Depot. More saving more. Doing selection varies by store. Ten traffic.

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