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Thank mighty fine So no matter. What whether you can get out this weekend or not whether it sunny this weekend or not. Whether you're going to the lake or the pool are not memorial. Weekend is a big thing. It's officially the summer kickoff. You need to make a good one. You need to make it a good time. What you need to assist in that process is the ultimate Memorial Day playlist as crowned by the and Tj. Show next Alexis Siri. Hey Google voice ready on all the vices. Just say play. Tj In here our show live or on demand stay connected funny on the ACING TJ APP available at I tunes into Google Play War Ace and TJ coming. Hey it's going and I WANNA make sure you know about the Hampton Inn and suites South Park in the completely renovated lobby fitness and breakfast areas. Just call seven four three one nine fifty seven hundred to book your reservation or newly designed conference room that seven four three one nine fifty seven hundred. Don't Miss Riggins Week. In Review Friday at eighty certain sponsored by blowing ROCK WOODWORKS DOT COM. Find beautiful handmade one of a kind pieces that you will not be able to find anywhere else. Blowing Rock woodworks dot com that blowing rock woodworks DOT COM hands up in rejoice. It's Memorial Day. We kick off the summer now. I say that because it's the kick off the summer. Let's bear in mind. The reason we have memorial in this is a shocking staff. Fifty seven percent of Americans fifty seven percent. Don't know that Memorial Day is when we honor follow members of the armed forces who died third. Don't know the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day when we honor Veterans Day. We honor all veterans. There was somebody. I can't remember who it was a really intelligent Commentator of some sort that said years and years ago that people Mistakenly thank veterans all veterans on Memorial Day. Or they'll post on social medias and all that thank a veteran it's memorial day would can't for the life of me because this this brilliant commentator didn't have to do a survey of anybody or anything that was you owe it names me. Yeah and his name was me. I'm going to get that on a t shirt. His Lang was me. I love that so yeah I don't think though it's because they just don't care or they don oh I don't. I thought it was Barbecue Day or whatever yeah I just think they. They think it's all veterans in instead of ones who have died in service so keep the keep that thought in mind as to what it really is all about but it is kind of. It's the unofficial. I know every an every year. Somebody who's got to be a buzz kill. Visually begin did you. I don't care about the ALMANAC or whatever. Essentially the non essentially summer is Memorial Day to Labor Day. And I think I always say that because typically when I was a kid we started baseball season. On the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend was opening day. But those are the facts take your ALMANAC and your son chart or whatever you got but So Rolling Stone came out with the top fifty best summer songs of all time. Now here. Is there vote for the number one summer song of all time..

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