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Mornings five to ten AM on NewsRadio radio KOA day. Time is seven thirty. Good morning. I'm Mark Caesar. This update is brought to you by A M M collision. The city of Austin is set to buy a building in south Austin and turn it into the newest homeless shelter city council hasn't said much about a specific location, other than there's a certain south Austin, I bought to build a new shelter for fifty to one hundred people, but on this week's agenda, the purchase of more than twenty five thousand square feet of land in the eleven hundred block of been white near banister for eight point six million dollars. This'll be the first expansion of Austin shelter operations since two thousand four when the arch was built in downtown a September thirty deadline imposed back in January to have the shelter open and operating likely not be met in just the past five years Austin's homeless population has exploded by one hundred forty two percent Patrick Osborne. Newsradio LBJ at indepth report on this story. Newsradio tail BJ dot com on the homepage. Iran says it's been enriching uranium at a faster pace and will exceed the cap and the twenty fifteen nuclear deal in ten days. Iran says it will only reverse the enrichment if current sanctions on the Iranian economy or lifted by the United States and Europe the controversial driver responsibility program will be officially dead in September. Governor Abbott signed a Bill doing away with the program that ended up costing people their driver licenses. There's a Nick Hudson. A lot of people were driving without a license. If you're driving without a valid license you can be arrested that was happening to a lot of people. He says, also caused people to miss work because they didn't have a way to get there, which caused him to get farther behind on payments to try to get their licenses back Robert Wood NewsRadio KLBJ indicate Mexico is doing more to protect it. Southern border from illegal immigration, Mexico, plans to send six thousand national guard troops to its border with quantum Allah by tomorrow over the weekend. Mexican authorities were busy along routes migrants often used in southern Mexico checking ID's pulling Microsoft public transportation in stopping four trucks, packed with nearly eight hundred migrants. The national migration institute says a thousand immigration agents have already been dispatched to the countries north and south borders has Mexico faces increased pressure by the United States to slow the surge of mostly Central American migrants through its territory. I'm Matt small a navy seal goes on trial today for alleged war crimes in the Middle East operations chief, Ed. Were Gallagher is accused of stabbing a fifteen year old ISIS fighter to death in Iraq in two thousand seventeen he's also accused of shooting two civilians, the same year and opening fire on crowds. He has pleaded not guilty to all the charges. The trial is expected to last about two weeks. The New York Times reports President Trump has reportedly been considering pardoning Gallagher along with several other military personnel. Accused of war crimes Tanya, j powers, Fox News. Seven thirty three. Here's Austin's on time traffic with Melinda brand. Slow traffic conditions filling in on all of the freeways at this reckon liquid spill continues to cause delays on Tolan thirty southbound, it's just south of Greg meaner road. It's been blocking the left lane solid delays to Pochon street. We also have reported collisions on mill pack northbound at wells branch Parkway in twenty four th street at San Antonio streets. Your next report's at seven forty five. I'm Melinda bring up with Austin's on time, traffic clouds giving way to some sun today. It's not going to be hot will have a shower thunderstorm in the area, high right around ninety. Partly.

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