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Is. Perfect music. Yeah, it was. I don't if we're going to bring it up at some point, but one of famous unlovely listeners has a birthday today. Yes. In fact, the young lady that you were talking with and meeting up with New York, Tanya is celebrating a birthday today. I think she's like twenty five, something like that. She looks younger, but twenty five would do. Yeah. Birthday. Say to you, and then you showed your your fancy little book that Adam Spink caveat while. No, I don't know if I ever mentioned this when we were when I was in the UK for Riyadh. Actually, we met up with the Adam. I think it was react, wasn't it that he gave this. That's right. And he gave me a nice little gift. You know we had talked on earlier shows about q codes like QN Kiani and q. NF, and all these different q codes. And he was able to find this wonderful q code from the ministry of civil aviation and air ministry. I guess that's some kind of a religious thing, not sure anyway, from the cute and other abbreviations to be used in the civil aeronautics radio service, and it's a nice Alba trying to find the date on it, but I can't seem to see it at this moment the new way. It's nice an old, and it's very interesting with all the q code information in it. Thank you. Adam. Appreciate them. He is a very thoughtful guy. He is. He gave me a lovely program from the Hinden display, which is, you know, the original first displays really that happened in the UK the big ones. So that was lovely to. All right. So let's see what else was I gonna say. I had something else very, very clever to say. But of course it's gone now so. Oh, well, maybe it will come to me at some point, but I'm glad that we were able to come up with the money to get Steph out of bondage. That public you guys. I appreciate you. Me out of, we don't have any money left in the. We don't have any money left anymore in the coffee, but worth it. And instead of the class a motorhome at Oshkosh next year, we're going to be intense where always in ten. Yeah, we're. Thank you. Let's see. I had a out speaking of co-pilot named sue. I had a co-pilot name Susan this week and really enjoyed flying with her and had a great trip afford a trip. And on Monday of that trip, I met up with Tanya and Phil and we went over to the what does appear twenty two or something like that. And got on the yacht Manhattan to for a nice sunset cruise around the Hudson and the south end of Manhattan island up the East River, and then back around and we were in front of the statue of liberty and Ellis Island, and we had a grand time. And so thank you, Tanya and Phil for that nice treat was nice seeing you next day. It was in Manhattan again, but I just kind of laid low and try to get some work done on editing the Lascaux that we recorded the the day before I left on that four day trip. And then the following day on Wednesday, I got to have a Orlando layover which is kind of a fluke because acmes not using the mad dogs much or at all anymore in Orlando. But for some reason, I guess it was the first trip of the month, some kind of transition trip. They needed to use the mad dog to fly from. Orlando to Atlanta on Thursday morning really early. And that gave me the opportunity to dead head down to Orlando on Wednesday, and I got to meet up with my son, and we just hung out and talked and caught up in that kind of thing. So that was really nice. And yeah, didn't record any audio with our little meet up with Tanya and Phil on the Manhattan too. But we did have some nice wine and Tanya brought. She's loves cheese and cheap brought a whole bunch of nice upscale cheeses crackers..

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