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And on to nearby food and kitchen counters the only way to kill bacteria on on cook poultry is to cook it thoroughly a whole Turkey is safe when cooked to a minimum internal temperature of a hundred sixty five degrees Sara Lee Kessler NBC news radio and Lakeland based public supermarket speaking of food has committed to two billion dollars to help fight food in security over the next ten years in two thousand nine Publix donated two billion dollars worth of unusable food towards food banks and nonprofit organizations to help with food in securities and officials arrested a Florida man the accused of trying to get ice is to target officials at schools where he'd been suspended or expelled federal prosecutors say it Salman Rushdie she'd work to get members of ISIS carry out our terrorist attack on his behalf against the Miami Dade college dean and the dean at Broward college Rasheed faces a maximum of twenty years behind bars for sale Phil listening another person to commit a crime of violence the twenty three year old has a court court hearing scheduled for tomorrow news radio WFLA is five oh five this is a Bloomberg market minute trade optimism push stocks to record highs for a second day in a row the Dow Jones industrial average gained fifty five the S. and P. five hundred added seven the nasdaq composite climbed fifteen HP shares are higher in late trading the printer in PC company gave a better than expected profit forecast well we generating its rejection of a takeover bid from Xerox earnings for its latest quarter were little changed from a year ago dell technologies quarterly profit topped Wall Street estimates sign the corporate demand for computers and storage hardware remains strong PC revenue rose four point six percent even as revenue from consumers decline dell is higher after hours Americans may not be feeling quite so jolly this holiday season the conference board says its consumer confidence index fell unexpectedly this month feelings about current conditions worsened debate even his expectations for the future improved Larry Kaski Bloomberg radio WFLA news brought to you by reimagine office furnishings your Tampa Bay forecaster news channel eight clear and chilly tonight we have an overnight low of fifty four of those clear skies tomorrow mostly sunny and a little warmer than today with a high of seventy eight right now at seventy two degrees in Saint Petersburg sixty eight in new port Richey and it's seventy two degrees at your severe weather station newsradio WFLA our next update at five thirty I'm John the quest information on and more solutions for final news roundup and information overload our trouble legend we abuse this power for private gain by pressuring Ukraine use of office yeah for trump's personal gain at the expense of us he use the security and the international.

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