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Know you get up around to the 21, 24 1 25 Ranger category for and you're talking about really heavy wind damage to buildings even fairly strong building's roof damage Ruth pulled off of houses, trees toppled over. We're going to see power outages across this region for some time to come because Of the expectation that the trees will be knocked over into power lines. Power poles will be, you know, dumped over so Yeah, this is it's going to be something that will have lots of different problems associated with it for Several days to come. The story I saw this morning was a half million people have or are expected to leave. The area is going to be more than that Now. I would think that it would be Well, it's close to that at least that that those of the people under evacuation orders always got people who decide to stay behind, even in the face of a storm like this one, But in Texas that in the Louisiana buses are being loaded up people being taken far inland from Galveston Island, for example, people are going to San Antonio or Austin all the way to Dallas Fort Worth about 300 miles away, just to get them. Out of the path of the storm. Yeah. And all this, of course, has the pandemic kind of looming over this where people finding or are they finding hotel rooms? Are they staying with your parents, friends, those those kinds of things or what? Yeah, Generally, that's what happening, although some mass evacuation centers have been open, But you're right. This is all of his caste against the backdrop of covert 19 buses that are carrying people are about half full to ensure social distancing. People riding on those buses are wearing masks. Temperatures are checked before they climb onboard. So yeah Health officials have worked closely with emergency planners to ensure that we don't pile on a new pandemic or a covert 19 outbreak on top of whatever law might bring to this area. Appreciate your time is always that's Jim Ryan. ABC News. Stay safe, My friend there and down there is mentioned.

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