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Up to six particularly over the terrain of northern Arizona, but mainly over the next four to five days. President Trump directing the FBI to launch an investigation into sexual assault allegations against his supreme court nominee. Brett Cavanaugh Indonesia's disaster agency says the magnitude seven point five earthquake caused the Sonam e the hit the provincial capital appello and another city houses were swept away and families were reported missing eighteen deaths at least in the last reports, I'm born Nick. This Bloomberg sports update. The Yankees have clinched home field advantage for the American League wildcard game Wednesday against Oakland by virtue of their eleven to six win over the Red Sox Fenway park Jae happ who is in line to pitch Wednesday allowed four runs on four hits through six innings and struck out seven to get the win. Hap- seven has a Yankee seventeen and six overall the Enke's put on power display with four home runs in the game. Among their heads with Aaron judge's eighth. Inning homer. His first since returning from a wrist injury. That had him on the DL for about seven weeks. The Yankees tied. The major league record for homers in a single season. There are two hundred sixty fourth time the nineteen Ninety-seven Mariners. David Bryant has made it back into a major league game. Grounding out the Verdon his first plate appearance for the Mets and nearly two and a half years with his wife and two young donors in the stands. But thirty five year old Ryan had a bouncer to the left of third baseman, Brian Anderson who made a nifty pickup of the short hop and through across the diamond to retire. Right. But then slows the game to Miami eight to one. Right. Scheduled to start tonight against the Marlins in his farewell game before a sellout crowd at city field. Unable to overcome neck back and shoulder injuries. Right. Says he expects this weekend to Mark his final appearance in the big leagues Europe recorded a clean sweep of the four afternoon mattress to take a five three lead on the US after day. One of the Ryder Cup, the Americans took three of the four day session matches and friends booked it on sustain the momentum in their bid for their first win on foreign soil since nineteen Ninety-three the loan early US loss game from Tiger Woods has he and partner. Patrick Reid fell three and one British Open champion Francesco, mulmino, worry and Tommy Fleetwood Notre Dame football on Bloomberg eleven three. Oh, the eighth ranked fighting Irish host the seven th ranked Stanford cardinal pre game coverage at six thirty tonight. Kick off at seven thirty and fell news the giants planes Jonathan Stewart their most experienced running back on injured reserve and then preseason NHL action the Buffalo Sabres defeat the New York. Islanders by the school replied to foreign Oshawa, Ontario. The NHL season begins on Wednesday. With a Bloomberg sports update. I'm Tom Rogers. You're listening to Bloomberg BusinessWeek with Carol Massar and Jason Kelly from Bloomberg radio. So that the light goal.

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