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Again what so damaging about this is that's not all that have. And according to this report, they allegedly had this evidence. And have these documents before they approached Cohen that is Paula Reid. We thank CBS news for that. Okay. There are emails. There are text messages. There is a cash C A C H E as in a trove as in a large amount of documents case isn't just about Cohen, not what makes this such a bombshell. The suggestion is calling the isn't what these claims rely on. There is allegedly hard evidence that suggests the president directed into live. There you go. Oh, that's Paula Reid. We do. Thank CBS news for that. And so it's possible. And I'm just I'm just trying to write to work this thing through is. I I've been puzzling over this. I mean, no kidding. Why is this one being treated like all like Jesus has returned? Oh my God. What is there have been a lot of really giant bombshells? The thing that I perceive that may be setting this one aside is there appears to be lots and lots of hard core robbery. Dating evidence hard corroborating evidence. Oh, and there is one other thing. Great. Now impeachment is the most dire consequence because right now, the Justice department does not believe a sitting president can be charged or can be indicted while in office so any evidence of criminal wrongdoing on the part of the president would be handed off the congress to assess what they wanna do without as Paula Reid. We do. Thank CBS news. I do apologize for talking over her. But subornation of perjury word senior legal analyst time, this would be a pretty upper down black and white kind of crime. And if the special counsel does have this evidence we very difficult for congress not to at least consider beginning. Impeachment proceedings. There you go. That's Paula Reid. We do thank CBS news for these clips. And that is apparently why this one is of a different category because it's black and white you're either pregnant or you're not did you suborn perjury. Or didn't you suborn perjury? It's actually not that black and white. However, I'm going to go through it with you in a second. How ever there are apparently lots and lots of pieces of physical evidence internal emails, I can only imagine nine on the back. This don't have facts to back this up. But if there were internal emails, we know Benedict, Donald never has done emails that has got to be people within the organization talking about this, right? This text messages Benedict. Donald doesn't text either only uses Twitter, and so there's got to be other people's right? Texting about this. And documents were kind of documents. Can there be a cash? A trove a group of documents supporting that Benedict, Donald ordered Mike. Michael Cohen ally to congress about when the Trump Tower Moscow deal ended, I don't know what kind of documents there be. But apparently Robert Mueller has it. All okay. If Benedict Donald told Michael Cohen that he has got to go to congress and lie, obviously, we know that Benedict. Don wants to hide something right? He's been hiding stuff all along. That's nothing new. However, if we're talking about subornation of perjury, let's do senior legal analyst time, then I will turn it over to you at one eight eight eight three two one six thousand in one. I do have Email capability is always norm at normangoldman dot com. N O R M norm at normangoldman dot com. And obviously with senior legal analyst time happening. Now, we won't do it in the next hour. But I do wanna get to the hashtag Trump's shut down. There's a lot of Trump's shutdown news going on out there. We're actually there's really little Trump shutdown news going on out there, depending upon your perspective of the matter. But impeachment really seems to be now on the table. Impeach him. Really seems to be a big issue. So miss missing Mitch McConnell, raise Mitch. Action. We have a lot to do. But let's talk about subornation of perjury. Okay. Perjury itself is lying under oath on a material matter on material point, it's there's a materiality thing. Right. Let's say I'm giving testimony and they ask how tall I am. And because I'm sensitive about my height. I add an inch or two intentionally at an inch or two to make myself seem taller. It's a lie. It's not material. Right. It's irrelevant. My height unless charges, but the hypothetical on creating here. It's just a stray non-material fact that would not be perjury, technically. It's not perjury because it's a lie on the non material immaterial thing for it to be perjury. It's got to be on a material matter material fat. What is material materiality depends on the? Facts of the gays. Sorry. It goes case by case Modeste why we have to use these kind of vague standards here because it's got to be flexible to apply. So what is material depends on the facts of the case. So. If a person knowingly willfully, right willfully means just the they do the act they will fully knowingly lie under oath on a material matter or point. That's perjury. That's it may narrative, perjury, you're under oath. You gotta be under oath and while under oath, you will fully knowingly lie on a material point so one. If you as the person who is going to be placed under oath are approached by somebody some third person who says, hey, I understand that you've got to subpoena as a judge I knew used to call it they subpoena instead of an eighth any put any kind of old school. And then you got gotta subpoena and you've been called down to testify. I understand what the topic is. All right now, we're getting into suborning perjury. Now, you've got a person who's not doing the testifying, but is talking to the person doing the testifying attempting to win deuce the testify to lie under oath on a material point, obviously to help the person who's doing the inducing, right? So sub. More nation of perjury is procuring persuading in do seeing some person to lie under oath. On the material point and by the way under federal law. We're talking about title eighteen of the United States code section sixteen twenty two because there's subornation of perjury and federal law. Right. I mean, if you suborn perjury, and that's what we're talking about Benedict. Donald if you suborn perjury that's eighteen USC sixteen twenty two, but many of the states have their own subornation of perjury laws, and it's in the state statutes, right? So no matter where you are federal court if you're in Seattle, Miami, right? It doesn't matter. Boston, San Diego everywhere in between subornation of perjury federal court, subornation of perjury. Same law everywhere. Right. That's why you have a uniform bankruptcy law in the constitution. Constitution says got a uniform, bankruptcy code. So that this uniformity so that you can do business across the whole nation. And if you go bankrupt there's one set of rules, right standardization? Okay. So now that we know what subornation of perjury is. And we know what perjury is Benedict Donald do it. Let's finish senior legal analyst time, and I'll have time for you. After that next week Justice is served the Norman.

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