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Individuals in failed who who act like. They've got everything figured out. That's interesting in the one thing I can really relate to having followed the UFO field kind of from the outside especially when when you got started but was still super aware of the shift that came about with you doing things in the way that you did it bringing this level all of just confidence authority and scholarship. Did you one more question. Then we're going to move on because I have so many things I wanNA talk to you about but did you get a sense sense for that shift because I think a lot of people felt that shift Dolan comes out. And he's hitting this stuff hard in in terms of the the real stuff. But he's doing a very matter-of-fact scholarly way. We can handle this stuff. Boom here it is. Were you surprised by the shifted. You noticed the shift. I didn't notice it for awhile. have to honestly say that like because I wasn't active in this field in the nineteen nineties. I was a lone wolf researching this all through the nineties. No one knew who I was so I didn't go to any conferences. I didn't really know anyone I didn't talk to. Anyone is very limited correspondents. It's crazy when a look back. How did that book Over that five year period so when I entered the field I don't I don't really think I had a true appreciation of how others were proceeding. That's the truth. I could tell that there were individuals who told me that they appreciate what I did and I mean I got that early on and that that has grown over the years certainly in the last decade even fifteen years it's been It's been shocking to me to be honest to to see response that people get from me. I'm it's humbling. I want to say but in the early years I know I don't think I can't say that I was really aware I think that I was. I was very focused on.

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