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Everybody understands that that's all I'm talking about because that's a rule that has something to do with a painted issue on the ice. It's painted there. You have fixed cameras position already. So if you're shielded in it's still blatantly off you take you live with it. Those Games get shielded blatantly. Then there's a lot of times there have been times in the past when we didn't use review where the other lines were to come over and go hold on practice. Call you just were shielded. You missed it this you go eyeball. There's a lot of different ways to help in that area. But that's it. It's it's an interesting topic and it is a topic that's talked about quite a bit. I'm not looking to overhaul anything. I'm looking to streamline fair enough all right that's enough of the hockey topics here. I want to open for a few questions from from folks here. Here's one because we're going to be on the road because we were talking about spill Moni the other day. The topic came up on Italian food. Caitlin PETERS ASKS KINDA random. Why does the broadcast crew always go out for Italian food on road trips as the price of the portions? Everybody likes it is their money is their or superstition. Why why Italian so often in forty years of traveling with the Kings spin up spin mony has never once come up. Let's eliminate that very eliminate that. Yeah the stock he'll stash. Stock your stock. Y'All this statue in Italian comes up every once in a while. I think it's a really interesting question. Because all of the elements come into it. I think normally it is an accepted food style by a big range of people. Normally the portion size is substantial enough and normally the cost of preparation of that food is a little bit lower so they tried to get that cost to us. It's a little bit lower. It's GonNa make the PER DIEM. Go a little bit further so you know. I think that's I think it's something that in the United States and Canada. I think it's easier to find Italian restaurants compared to Thai restaurant Indian restaurant which you know the flavors and exotic flavors that you experience there are just it just seems to be more out there and and and I also think the biggest reasons no question in my mind is it usually comes with an extensive language. See that's important if you bring your own wine and you don't really need to worry about the line list. I've heard there's a decent war out there that that I've consumed from time to time. I'm going to go with another theory or bounce off you. I'm going with the theory that it was so frequently a post. Game Neil for hockey players that it has just become a thing for folks in the hockey world especially chicken parm. That's just a traditional dish. It's not like it's high brow food but so often after a game. It's a meal like that you get on the bus after game. I think that that fits. I have no problem with that theory. Whatever I'm enhanced the example of Columbus Ohio Yeah Martinez Italian restaurant. Seven people dining orders seven chicken Parmesan. It's true it's that is the thing to get there. We're going to be doing that in a couple of days. I didn't even make a reservation yet. Somebody I have no reservations about going there. let's see what else we got in terms of questions from folks okay. Let's say you have. Here's another restaurant question. Let's say you have family or friends flying into L. A. And can only stay for a few days. What is your go-to food item or restaurant to take them too. So family and friends yawning. I will be with them not suggesting this to someone. Don't push it off to somebody you're going with them. I will be there. Aglietta's via forensic towards California. I've been there. You've been there either billion times. It's very close to my home but I enjoy the atmosphere. I enjoy the food. I enjoy the service. I have known those people for years. So that's something that I know. My friends and family will have a different experience than someone else who just drops him. Though different than any other company that has customers that? Repeat Repeat Repeat. I'm going to go into other Italian place boy Felix Venice at this place advocate. There's a line out the door. Apparently every day I've been here times now homemade pasta. A little tight. It's a little rushed but that's something that's relatively close. I'm in Redondo beach so it's not no way across the city mid point for us so I would go there the beach areas of. It's very it's getting much better. I think the beach if you go back. Ten years ago had nothing as far as respect for cuisine. There's a place on in Hermosa beach. Fifth Avenue Behrens. Two to three nine go. I think it's very interesting. As far as cuisine flavors California. Eclectic nuts things you would normally see limited menu so there. The costs are down a little bit. Because they're not getting this exotic stuff all the time but wide ranging because of how they look at a different flavor in each and every dish. That's fair culver city for a long time to town. One for collect Sean. Well Yeah your boys now. The boys they're saying you. He is there but phenomenal restaurant. Flavors I have never experienced before in my life. Yeah saying is. Korean brings a different style Than I was used to. You know spices always you know the hot all those types of things. I thought it was well within range of I could enjoy it. I've been so that's where I would go again because I do know saying so. I'm bringing my friends and family to somewhere that you know. I know that I have a relationship with me and my wife went to place around the corner. This same Guy. Father's office that there was the same complex over there. The old Helms Bakery in Culver City. I'm going to go with one that actually all of us went together. Dear John John because there's going out of business it is in L. A. Classic. There are a couple of chefs in there that have kind of try to spice it up a little bit elevated a little bit because You were talking about the one time that you were there for years and years ago when the team used to practice in Culver City. You'd go there in the day for lunch but there are no windows. You can't see the outside world. Can you imagine though you can't imagine can you like a movie being filmed inside that restaurant? Gosh Yeah just one of those places where you can smoke coming out of cigars you know mobsters doing business like I could totally see a movie film in there. I like that. Yeah that was a good place there. Here's one from puck rogue seventy-two toughest guy you ever played with or or you could answer both toughest guy you ever played with the best fight you ever saw in person well in hockey tough. It's tough yeah. I mean toughest to me is very subjective term. So I'm going to go. You're not the biggest not the strongest not the craziest craziest Marty mcsorley. Because he was he would lose it and with purpose party knew exactly what he was doing but believe me when you looked at him and the other team looked at him didn't think he knew what he was doing. They thought he but he knew. Terry Reskowski five ten Centerman tough. That is tough to me. Very unselfish player with the Puck as a satellite dish that he was a passer but he could get in the middle of scrums he could get in the middle of scraps and fights and and then maybe it's not the he fought. Jim nill one night at the Great Western Forum through pledge. I'm on the ice but I could hear the smack in Jim was pretty good scrapper too and but that was most memorable to me because it was so it was visual. I could hear it. Just the whole thing was a right so Rosco gets my vote there. I got one last one for us. And maybe it's because it came all the way back in November twenty first and his kind of appropriate patch. Nielsen's in at what point in the podcast? You mentioned me and maybe it's appropriate that it's three weeks after seeing your question. Patrick lie response. Initially to Patrick via twitter was. Can You please remind me what you do again? Let's do you know what he does nominated nominated for the Best Sports Gas Sports Media Yep National Sorts beanie association is the NOM easing nominee finalist for California sports broadcaster of the year. So I was pumping his versatility. There you've worked with a lot of those guys to where you do yourself. You jumped from sport to sport to sport that to me elevates the broadcast right into a different category as opposed to someone who only does one you just trying to brown nose because you're on the pre-game show and most of the time. I'm not I'm not. I'm just trying to say that. Comfort is the most important thing and broadcasting and the ability to be comfortable in different. Settings is very impressive to me. That patio that was a very sunshine and rainbows review. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA leave it at that and that's how we're going to end here this week. I keep the questions. Come and keep everything coming. We enjoy the feedback. Hit that subscribe button once again and we'll be back with almost packed and ready to go for this road trip. I'm nowhere near packed. I haven't really started but we'll make it work. Somehow as we hit the road for six games upcoming here The kings on a big road trip happy holidays. Everyone happy holidays almost forgot. I. I'm not sending out holiday cards this year so consider this my holiday greeting happy holidays..

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