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How would you wait. Where the league has. Has landed. They have to twenty years. You mentioned the sellout crowds? I did the games I was. I was Rebecca Lobo before Rebecca. Lobo. I did the game. I didn't do it. I didn't do it as I didn't do it as eloquently as you do it. I got myself in trouble a lot by saints and things. And I would say things just to be funny and Tim Corrigan our producer would be shouting in my ear, shut the hell up. Nobody wants to hear about where you had dinner. And I thought, why if I tell tells everybody where he had dinner. Or I would complain about something. I don't know. So you do it a lot better than I did, but now that you're doing these games and you think back. So for people that didn't see the games back then and our WNBA fans. Now, what's the biggest difference. The biggest difference is the level of place so much better now because remember the first two years of the WNBA there was also the other professional league that played in the wintertime, and that was the AP l. and they got a lot of the top talent. And so the talent was split those first couple of years of the league and and not consolidated in one place and you know, and I want, you know, the WNBA started with eighteen at one point. It got up to sixteen teams. Now it's it's been settled at twelve teams for for quite a few years. The level of play on the court phenomenal this year is the best best we've had in the history of the league in terms of the competitive edge from teams won twelve previous two years. We, we had great seasons. The the LA sparks from the Minnesota lynx where the top teams from the first week of the season on and then they matched up in the playoffs. This year, there hasn't been that separation of one or two teams out of kinda run away with it. Whereabouts embark on. On our playoffs and a couple of weeks on August pointy, I, I believe is the first playoff they, but the the the competition night in night out the level of skill on the four night in night out is the best it's ever been. It's really, really been a fun season to cover. And having said that. The. How's how healthy is the league in terms of attendance and. Being able to whatever the next step is, which after twenty years, no women's professional league is ever lasted this long and to be still going strong. What's the next step if you were, if you were given the title czar of the WNBA, what what is the next few steps that that you could envision the league taking. Why I still this season that there's been a bit of a groundswell. And I think that the league is on the brink. I don't know how long know how big that break is. I don't know if it's within a year or five years, but it's the first time for me is felt like a WNBA at a place where a broader cultural cultural way, feeling like it's cool to be a fan of it..

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