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Hello welcome to another episode of the duct tape marketing podcast this is john jansen i'm back with a solo episode so thanks for tuning in just to remind her love those reviews if you wanna go to it tunes and then you can also check out some of the things that i talk about on this show at the show notes said duck tape marketing dot com about voice search today so this is i guess let's define it it is the the increasing numbers of people that are turning to search devices not necessarily search engines per say yes we can do it on a laptop in chrome browser we can do it on our phone android or iphone and then of course we've all got smart speakers now these alexa and google home so this is how people are actually now executing searches google find me a salon or google do this and again it's not all just direction based a lot of it's going to be assistant based it's going to be playing our music it's going to be turning our lights off so we have to i think as marketers start embracing this idea of search using voice because you know all of a sudden now it's not ten results on a page and the maps and the ads now it might be one result or to results or three results at the most research out there com score says fifty percent of searches will be voice based by twenty twenty so are we at panic mode i don't know if that's the case but we certainly are at pay attention mode time even for the smallest of businesses in fact local businesses i think this is coming faster at you than you might have realized or understood mobile voice related searches are three.

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