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Do we. This is loco now presented by the SHANIN agency. Here's Tanner's went. Happy Friday afternoon northern Colorado. Thanks for joining us here on no cone. How presented by the Jeanine agencies we are excited to be with you after a couple of days off. We Are Alive from the ARA collision, Specialists Studios and oboe. Do we have a lot to get to this afternoon We've got no co news that we're going to. Go about a lot of stuff coming out of Fort, Collins Larimer, county but already some some covert outbreaks inside some schools. So we're going to be talking about that a little bit as well. Trevor Fritz if you've lived in northern Colorado for longer than five minutes, you know the Fritz slur farms right I mean it's one of the the I guess tourist attraction if he can say northern Colorado, the tourist attraction. and. It's one of the. Farms you talking about the scary corn maize and it's now they turned it into Canada, Farm Park. But as was stated in a press release, it was sent out talking about, hey, they had fallen on some pretty hard times, trevor? Fritz slur is kind of jumped over into the CBD farming. So we're GONNA talk with Trevor about that and what how much different that is compared to what he was used to doing I mean he was born and raised on the farm I talked Trevor Of Times he was partnered up with Rocky Mount Tap House. So we had that about the love of beer and everything like that and and Trevor is a very interesting interview and we're going to talk to him about why exactly did you go and do what you did and and is it working and can people expect further farm the farm park to be there and ready to go when things get back to normal which I'm hoping very soon, I i. watched a video. Earlier today that actually made me kind of nostalgic. It was a video that was tweeted out from Penn State football game Everybody seeing sweet caroline, and just gave me literally gave me chills in. With something that you know maybe we just took for granted while it was going on right the gathering of thousands upon thousands of people. And there was just something about it like. We're GONNA. Miss that this fall as as everything else that.

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