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News. I'm Alex bagman. The erotic man who will allegedly ran at Saint Louis county. Police officers with a metal bar on Tuesday has been charged. Police say Thirty-seven-year-old Kevin booting off of high ridge was shot after attempts to use nonlethal force failed employees from a nearby Coldwell Banker called police after they say he was acting a radically and they found him in the basement of a nearby apartment complex boot off is being held on a seventy five thousand dollar cash only bond on charges of second degree assault on a special victim and armed criminal action. Property values are up an average of fifteen percent across Saint Louis county. That's the word from county. Assessor Jake Zimmerman who wants everyone to find out what the new value of their property is the most important thing you can do is go on our website. Now, don't wait for a change of assessment notice in the mail. Don't wait for us to find you take a look and make sure that we are describing your property accurately and make sure that we're comparing you to other homes in the neighborhood that look like yours Zimmerman says if you disagree. With the numbers. All appeals are welcome. This is Kevin Colleen with reaction to those assessments going up from a realtor in my opinion. They are not realistic Williams realtor Jody Hoffman with seventeen years in the business says the assessments seem to her about thirteen to nineteen percent above what homes could sell for in one particular neighbor of mine they were upset because they posted their assessment and their one hundred thousand dollars over what their house was assessed at just a year ago, and I know has an agent I won't be able to list their home for that. Offman says home prices are cooling and the assessments seem more line with where things were a year ago. Kevin Kelly NewsRadio eleven twenty kmox. Clouds breaking overnight for some partial clearing and a low around thirty eight partly sunny for the day Thursday with a high fifty three I'm Alex bregman. Kmox news. Welcome back to overnight America. This is what just past midnight now. So we spent the last hour walking K Molex building looking.

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