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Upon the release for all Windows 10 compatible systems. So it definitely something that will be closely watching to see what will be to come at that point in time as again the current estimate, a really state Is approximately going to be September October, most likely provide that there aren't any interim delays. Additionally, Microsoft, of course, having a 10 year support cycle. On versions of Windows has also noted on their website that Windows 10 will no longer be supported after 2025. So which, uh, with Mark 10 years after the initial release of Windows 10, which is their current flagship operating system. Interesting fact of note. Uh, interesting pop culture reference. So you remember The movie the remake of Tron Tron Legacy Do Movie came out years ago. And the interesting thing about it is that that movie starts With the younger Flynn breaking in the income and actually seeing a pre, uh the pre release version of their newest flagship operating system. Which was branded as as their version, 11 and sure enough. The movie kind of parallels this type of scenario that in this case, Microsoft's when there's 11 ended up getting leaked, and the only way that could have happened was that somebody on the inside had to have done it. Yeah, because that's right. That's right, Andre. That's a good point. I am trying to remember the entire movie. I saw it when it came out. Of course, the remake. I saw it when it came out a few years ago. It was a very good movie. But you're right. I guess it's a similar situation, isn't it? Yeah, Absolutely. So it's a rather surprising, of course, knowing the way Microsoft been operating that indeed, this operating system will likely be free in place upgrade for those who are currently running. The older version, most most likely, so, uh, pretty and pretty interesting parallel that Hollywood ended up getting that one, right? Yeah. No, you're You're definitely right about that. You're listening to tech talk Brought to you by refresh computers. He's Andre class. I'm Nick Reynolds. We're going through the three big things in Tech. Andrew before we move on to our next story. What do you say? We get to a caller here? Jamie is on line one, and he has A pretty simple question. But I wasn't sure how to answer it for him. So I figured we bring them on. Jamie, Go ahead. You're on tech talk. Yes. Hello Under it. I was curious. You mentioned that when someone buys a new computer at the store, you will transfer their files from the old computer to the new computer. But you don't mention specifically programs. You also transfer the programs on to the new computer. That's a very good question, and unfortunately, the way that programs are set up that programs unfortunately, cannot simply be transferred from one compared to another. The reason being is application software and purchase products often configure themselves with system dependencies and integrate themselves into the registry of the operating environment. That it wouldn't work to be able to just copy the program files from one system to another. So it would be like trying to transplant a tree by just cutting off the trunk and without the appropriate routes. That software is just simply not going to work. So if you have software, of course, like paid products like, say, if you had like a new version of Officer you had QuickBooks We could potentially log into those accounts and re download them and assist you with reinstalling them if the media or the software is available to be reinstalled. Unfortunately, it's not really possible to copy software directly from one computer to another. So basically, then you have to reinstall each program once you get back home. That it would be correct. Yes, of course, that is provided that the software is compatible with Windows 10, or that the software has the means to be able to be reactivated because oftentimes older versions of office or other popular productivity software is like the adobe creative suite. Cannot necessarily be reactivated because many the manufacture of the software shop the activation for that software, which is also often why you can't be able to reinstall any version of office that's older than 2016. Because that product can no longer be activated. So for certain programs that might not be compatible or no longer have means to be reactivated that the only potential option might even be to buy newer versions. Of those particular pieces of software. Jamie really do appreciate the phone call. Thanks for calling us here on tech talk. If you like. Jamie have a question. 8445809326 is the number that's 8445809326. Alright, entree. Let's get to your second story here in the three big things in tech. What's the second story? My second story has to do with yet again. Another major outage affecting large swaths of the Internet, this time from another content delivery network cod, Akamai. Which results in taking down many big name websites, including Bank of Australia, Southwest Airlines and many other companies around the globe. In that case, this particular system failure last approximately four hours and caused uh, definitely a large amount of disruption. Our third big topic of the day has to do with rumors of potential quality control issues on one of the world's largest RAM manufacturers. SK Hynix. The rumors that approximately a quarter million wafers of ram have been produced in America of being effective, which could as a result. Have the potential to upend the memory market and cause skyrocketing prices of RAM. Of course, Uh, flash memory is very highly used. In technology. And, of course, essentially, it's like the short term thinking space, uh, of computers. Um, the company has night the likelihood that nearly $1.7 billion worth of memory is faulty. Has actually responded by involving police to try to investigate. Instead, rumor To try to what to as a response to defend so called defending their reputation. But even that as so much it is a common thing that into the summer that memory prices do start going up. We're hoping, of course we won't see That become another item on the list of widespread technological shortages like we're already seeing with semiconductors and gaming graphic cards. Of course, that would do it for our top three tech stories. But of course, now we've got to get to the Big Three going on in news with Dave Wall, you're listening to Orlando's news and talk radio Wdbo on AM 5 80 FM, one of 7.3. Now..

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