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Floating out of play which means love neutral zone. Face of eighteen thirty two left in a scoreless. First shopper come outside, the lightning blue line right in front of the lighten bench. Kovalski in point. So John Cooper matching his point line against the Thornton line with Lawrence taking Johnson's. Yeah. Point loses the face up. Belsky? It's dumped in by shimmy sharks? Defenseman was injured missed the first meeting and the lightning near corner Strommen toss for kucherov out to Brandon point at center ice. He couldn't handle it redeemed shimmy will bring it back in. Harris Stroman by the Tampa Bay net walks up the middle as a little lean to center ice games. The red line flips it for point across the blue line center point, center, point Colbert, shoots wide, right. Rebound. Skipped over the sticker. Book kucherov and Cologne. Belsky deals to Joe, Thornton, etc. Thornton and that's off-side sharks tag up. So play will continue and they're going to go to the bench for a change of front brain point, spins for Colbourne, right wing stolman. No score in the first. What's more, Brandon Coburn? Spins it for Cedric Paquette up the left lane deflected energies, Tim he'd habit. Dumps it around the nearside for Lukashenko deal right side feed Melker Karlsson dumps it in radios after left circle directs across ace Carlson, right corner, right point, he'd shoot blocked. Rebound knuckleball, Adam Ernie. He turns on his back and couldn't get it out. Initially, still not outra deal. A key high slot Melker Karlsson. Say made by the Lasky lighting. He didn't get the puck our right there. Barclay good role. Looks to hold it in the left circle. A path in front picked up by pocket pocket out to the red line dumps it you're absolutely right. David Ernie's got to get the puck out there. Trying to make a fancy play two feet inside. His rule is three minutes in no score shimmy to center ice back ending it. The lightning line got blocked. Oh, by Miller JT Miller steps back to the red line. And dumps it in Marin Jones slides to Brent burns in the near corner. He's checked by Sara Lee Torelli is after the puck and the right corner. Burns gets helped shimmy and sweeps it out. This me come in and vassal Ascii does annoy sang bass Lonski turns for head into the left-wing. Nice. Little Matthew Joseph Joseph of the red line chips. Jones knocks it away for couture passed on Miller centers. Sara.

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