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7 covering the northwest and the world From the ABC News I'm chuck sievertson Surrounded by Russian forces and by the totally destroyed port city of Mario pole The last Ukrainian fighters there barricaded in a steel plant refusing to surrender Ukraine's foreign minister dmytro koliba says between the constant attacks and the discovery of mass graves and the cave suburb of bucha negotiations with Russia have stopped No high level talks are taking place After Bush it was it became particularly difficult to continue talking with the Russians A major global problem with the war David Beasley from the World Food Program noting that they buy half of all the grain they buy from Ukraine 15 food depots that have been blown away I've seen places where there's nothing in these warehouses but and that's not even admirable And so there's no question food is being used as a weapon Usually in the Ukrainian official or on CBS face the nation Police investigating mass shootings in nightclub areas overnight in Hampton county South Carolina Pittsburgh and Syracuse New York A new indoor mask mandate takes effect tomorrow in Philadelphia to try to fight a COVID surge once citizen John tacos I think it's bad for the businesses especially to restaurants around here I mean they've suffered enough Kelsey no fur manages a popular Philadelphia restaurant It's just going to be a little bit safer for our guests Anything to keep our guests safe for onboard with That Philly mask mandate is being challenged in court by some other businesses as cases rise for the BA two sub variant of COVID in many states White House COVID response coordinator doctor Ashish says it's not more deadly than others but it's spreading much more quickly It is more transmissible It does not cause more severe disease and the vaccines are holding up So it's that transmissibility that's really causing it to increase The U.S. spy satellite has been launched into space from vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

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