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Go down that road. So. This is my last one. On CNN. On Monday. and Monday. That looked. Who knows cold cover? Yeah, because you don't write losing my religion, yeah. You said you wish that you never came in power. Don't cash those. Brilliant. Okay Hey Tommy let's. Let's leave on this. I know thieves is Annette flakes I see it every time I'm scrolling through net flicks. We have to make a trade. We have to find a movie that you have not seen that. You are willing to swap and I'll watch dinner thieves. You Watch movie blank. But we gotta find what we have to find one that I really want you to see that you have not seen in. Maybe don't even have interest in seeing right that has to be the fair equal trade is you gotta be like that doesn't look good and then we swap. Well one one that pops up this weekend was the big Lebowski. Oh! I've never seen that, but it looks good, or you're not sure. No, but it's like a cult classic. I'm just thinking of movies. Have you seen oh? Brother were out thou. Yes, I have! To Wash it in school. Yeah, awesome! Because of HOMER's homer bid. Because Reading Odyssey, orchard got. Seen in school. Okay, that's awesome. Great movie. Either way, let's think about it. You and I'll swap films and I'll watch thieves all right done hundred percent. Thanks guys. Rosie is here. He can defend his chances of doing Iowa. Ben Lieber and biking's news is right after this. All right, it's seven forty six run in a couple of minutes late, but Mark Rosen joins the power to morning. Joe Along with Ben Labor. Hi Ben. I'm mark good. Learning. No I wouldn't Brady's do Iowa Oscar. Drought I had my field early seventies. I'm done of Iowa's a good. No, no! No, no, no! That exist.

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