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Moving back to thirty eight and then why not just keep them on earth one nine one thirty? It's GonNa blow up like I don't know so the so the stuff about this episode like comic accuracy. We we had the tower. Yes we have shadowy figures or the demonstrators. You know basically like the shadow army of the Anti Monitor At the tower so that was all comic. Accurate you know. We got harbinger and pariah What was the? What was the thing? There was the other one about comic accuracy. We were talking about before There was was a baby being shipped in a rocket as the anti-matter weight gain. Yes there was that and that was John which is it was Alexander in McCormick's but close to yeah so there there's a few things you know. They're they're keeping a lot of bits from the comic books but what an allowing it to fit in the world here so I think like you know. I'm not sure I I assume like the stand would be to like hold off the anti-matter wave and force. Maybe the Anti Monitor to come and that was like like the Monitor's plan to begin with But I don't think it took and then you know Oliver Dying and pricing. Things have changed so I think things are different than than he anticipated. You know Things are changing so maybe they intended to make make a stand and forced the Anti Monitor's hand but They have to move and and adapt so I mean. Yeah the the Stan but now it's not I mean we there's GonNa be some different things obviously next episode. We're going to say like kingdom. Come Earth Got Brandon Ralph coming in and Dan Superman and we got Kevin Conroy. As Mc Soup Bruce Wayne His his mechanical full-body press the prosthesis which is going to be awesome to see. So Ah next part. Tomorrow's tomorrow's part two is is GONNA be Pretty Pretty Dang awesome to to watch It was really a good today and I cannot wait to see what parts two and three have have coming By love seeing. I love seeing being a Dick Grayson from Earth. Sixty six say Holy Holy Holy Crimson Skies Batman Holy Holy Crimson deathbed he's holy Crimson death or something like that. Yeah those funny I was Nice I just. I'm kind of interested. In the fact that this chapter with Kevin Conroy and everything is the woman episode. And if it's done to boost the ratings for about women you know just Kinda it's GonNa be pretty huge with frigging Kevin Conroy and exactly my point. Yeah and friend is Ralph. Soleil is going to be huge so we need to pump up the ratings for about women put them in her episode. Bright something needs to be done all right fellas. We got to wrap this up when we get this going What would you say one last thing? Yes nobody is thinking about psycho pirate. That is very very. Yeah and he did handle it lay part yes and mix thanks at else. World's ended Teaser for cycle tire event showed crisis Coming so I want you to keep that in your mind and when we're GONNA see psycho pirate because he was introduced in the bat woman upset L. Swells so just justified and it's a good one Brian. I have spoken all right. Let's get Outta here all right. Can't wait for part two to be continued Yup right about twenty two hours and five minutes from now. The Sky Look in the sky. Happy Holidays and for all of you Shoppers go to south gate media Group DOT COM. There's an Amazon log in portal there. And just do your shopping and portions of your shopping. Go to help support southgate media so happy holidays..

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