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Zero three one W G Y. President Trump declares national emergency a big escalation after congress approves the border security spending Bill only giving the president some one point three billion dollars to build physical fencing. So we have far more people trying to get into our country today than probably we've ever had before. And we've done an incredible job in stopping them. But it's a massive number of people. If we had the wall, it would be very easy. The president's declaration and effort to bypass congress to obtain additional funding for his long promised border wall. Some of the president's fellow Republicans have warned him saying his declaration could set a dangerous precedent the declaration expected to face legal challenges some from congressional Democrats. The two top Democrats are condemning President Trump's national emergency. Call and joint statement house speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer, call it an unlawful declaration over a crisis. That does not exist Pelosi and Schumer accused Trump of stealing from urgently-needed defense funds. The president also says that things are going very well in China trade negotiations during the White House event. Trump said the only thing that matters is if the US comes out with a good deal. Trump prompted a trade war with China last year accusing Beijing of ripping off the US four years arrests are made and a local. Animal hoarding case, David Michelle Hempstead are charged with seventeen counts of injuring an animal, according to Troy police back in December more than one hundred animals were found at their home. Troy police say that conditions of many of the animals have improved and that many have been adopted some potential good news from Troy mayor Patrick Madden about the summer months in the city. Mayor baton says the south Troy pool will be reopened by July. First if a contractor can be found that is willing to commit to what Madden calls an aggressive renovation schedule. Both the south Troy Knickerbocker pooled have been closed for a couple of summers. Both pools deemed unsafe city council's approved a capital budget. That includes six point three million dollars to restore the south Troy pool. Gym gag Leonardi. Newsradio eight ten one zero three one W G Y is current budget plans. Also, call for a new pool to be built at Knickerbocker park. Madden says the city still needs to reach a deal with the not for profit Knickerbocker association, which owns the park leaning economists say that the chance of. Rish recession. This year is going up a new Reuters poll of economists says that there's no a one in four chance of a recession within the next twelve months in that that should keep the Federal Reserve from raising interest rates next month poll of over one hundred and ten economists showed expected to the outlook for US economic growth and to the number of fed rate hikes this year and next this weekend marks the first did a series of free fishing days this year that he says anyone can fish without buying a bison Saturday and Sunday other free fishing days are set for the end of June September twenty eighth and on Veterans Day. WGN news time is one. Oh five. Our next update is at one thirty George Morris. The Rush Limbaugh show continues in two minutes on NewsRadio eight ten to one zero three one W G Y capital regions. Breaking news, traffic and weather station..

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