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But skipping the rice for example on a burrito trying to cut down on cars trying to cut down on the extraneous calories two hundred ten calories in the rice caso is two hundred and thirty you would not think that that a serving of rice would have the same or almost the same as a side of of melted jeez now i mean it's healthier but yeah calorie count yeah yeah you would expect the other to be a lot more jon benet jews oh these i mean you go to a juice bar or wherever i mean you're getting the smoothie yeah you always think well it's healthy it's a smoothie or juice right well fruit has calories but it's still good for you a small amazing green smoothie at java jews as four hundred twenty calories you go for the cookies and cream proteins movie that's four hundred eighty and it's got the cream filled with jock like cookies doc using cream milk cream filled chocolate cookies banana way protein peanut butter chocolate big old protein smoothie it's loaded is that better than greens peaches bananas lemonade peace peace juice and pumpkin seeds i dunno i'm going to stick with my chocolate peanut butter and then also from the same place though they point this out the granola thing granola always comes off as healthy food choice right okay i get surprised and disappointed because i think i'm having a healthy alternative and it's not and as a bigger guy i need i'm trying to find the healthy alternatives i'm like i'm just going to have some yogurt and granola oh crap that's the same as a pint of ice cream you get mad i do get mad at chunky strawberry bowl is strawberry smoothie topped with granola and fruit has five hundred ninety calories that's more than.

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