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Then. People that it was the snarky. Thick and you know, and I'm and I'm thinking, okay. Well, I'm still in as much as person I'm doing this. I'm doing that. I'm going to him doing this. And I'm seeing everybody else get written about, and I'm going, you know, sell natural mister cellophane. And I'm thinking like like what's going on? Why you know? And I felt completely ignored not just not just disliked. But but in indifference from the business in spite of all that I was selling. And so, you know, so it was it was it was kind of like fresh out of high school St. back to de back to a feeling of that. There isn't wasn't a lunch table for me. And it was hard. It made it it made me, you know, sad. No. But I think it gave me and people sometimes wonder about like, oh, well, he got discovered by David foster you had this door. Swung open for you. You know, you didn't have to play sticky clubs to get to where you are. But I will say that there there was there was a huge amount of self doubt, depression, feeling of not belonging wanting to quit that nobody within that. I mean, I was going out on stage. Now is just wonder pinned singing these these beautiful ballads and people were just going. Well, isn't that just my goodness? You know, what a guy what look at this kid, and I'm going. Well, thank you very much. Mr. MRs America and funny, and yeah, we know whole thing. Oh, man. And totally not feeling like, you're excel and half the time. It wasn't a mask and the the other half the time. I was just dying on the inside. How did you? What did you find what inter resources? Did you find or external resources to? I try to recognize that. And then begin fixing it. I know he's a lifelong pursuit to fix it. It is but to begin fixed to begin fixing. I mean, yes to the lifelong pursuit aspect of that some of it just is time some of it is just still here. Like, you're okay. Like like, it the boogeyman mentality that the Mike is just going to go away or that that you're just one second away from from a not not happening now if I had really psyched myself out, and if I had. You know, if I had had gone way off base, then that might have been true. You know, I I had good guidance. I had great parents. I've been so lucky that has sounding board with my family. I've I've been lucky to have had pretty much great management my whole career good guidance. We sometimes disagreed if sometimes swish managers, but but switched excellent managers across the board. And you know, and and I think at that time the thing that got me out of my shell was. A couple of things one starting to write was very very important for me because it gave me an outlet that was different than just presenting a song as vocalist. I think being given the opportunity to collaborate in a room with other people, and and share my own ideas. But do it in a way that my fans would also be excited about an except was really cathartic. I would say writing is is an important thing for for anybody to do even if they're not going to share it publicly. Just just right just note that just right just get it out because that that wound up being very very therapeutic for me sitting at the piano and writing just melodic not even words lyrics or the hard part for me was is very very therapeut-. Just composed make things I think that enough in a time when I was feeling very out of control where I was getting a lot of songs given to me. Somebody was saying, hey, we want to hear you saying this my God, you gotta sing this. I was delighted that I was so wanted, but I, but I felt like I needed more of myself in those things, and that total sense. And now as an adult. I can go back to those older songs and revisit them. And now have experienced those things as as a nineteen year old kid singing about loss. Yes. And being on this pedestals, romantic pedestal. I didn't had a girlfriend I in highschool once like like, I didn't have the experiences. If you have made the decision to really get yourself together after the new year and save a.

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