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Year here on Fox Sports Radio live from the Fox Sports Radio Studios. By way of Nashville, Tennessee. The crew was in L. A Chris professor Brian Finley, Eric Roberts. Gets our picks and a third hour of the show. We'll hear from them throughout, I believe as well. Hope you're well Happy New Year to you from everybody at Fox Sports Radio and Happy New Year to Bernie Friday Mackenzie rivers and the crew. From straight out of Vegas always enjoyed listening to them on the way and they keep me awake honestly, because You might be on the West Coast listening right now at midnight. Well, it's 2 a.m. here. I had to turn the light off very carefully. And then walk out of the home so they didn't wake up my wife on the way out. It's always kind of hard to come in to do the 2 to 5 A.m. on Sunday mornings kind of kind of Just a interesting way to begin your weak but Final week of the NFL regular season We will break it all down. We'll talk about who's getting in and who's not. And what makes sense and what doesn't over the next three hours, But college football has kind of taken. The country by storm. Not necessary. Like I didn't care about a and M and Carolina let me just be honest with you. I am watched Georgia and Cincinnati because it felt like Georgia wanted to be there. And Cincinnati was obviously going to play their guts out and I watched a good bit of football yesterday. As a matter of fact, Obviously, I watched the two semi final games two days ago. But Don't watch that. I even watched a little college hoops. But I want to talk about the Texas story because incomes Steve Starkey easy in and out goes Tom Herman. I have. I don't want to pat myself on the back. But I guess that's what I'm gonna do. Full, Very Horowitz style here to open the Jason Martin show in this first show of 2021. Put a list together. I used to do a show. It's six PM in Nashville. And so I put it always put together a list of six So I put it put together a list of the six most overrated people in sports. This list was, I guess this would have been three years ago. That list included John Grune. It included John Wall. Paul George. Kurt Cousins. There's one other one that I am forgetting blanking on maybe to come back to me. Oh, Jim Harbaugh. We've talked about him many times this year and then The other guy on that list was this man by the name of Tom Herman. Who had seen a ton of success that Houston and become the head coach at Texas. I don't want to make it clear again as I always do when I do this. That list of six was not a bunch of scrubs. It was just people that I didn't believe deserved. Quite the level of hype they were receiving overrated doesn't mean trash. It just means I don't know that they're worth what we're seeing. So Tom Herman goes to Texas. And Tom Herman is now out in Texas. Steve Starkey Zeon isn't Steve Starkey. Xena's making 2.5 Mil a season as the O. C for Nick Saban at Alabama, yet another OC that Nick statement's gonna have to replace this is why I continually point out to anybody willing to listen that it makes almost no sense to hire a defensive head coach. Especially in the NFL, because In order for you to have a tough flight offense. You've got to have a great offensive coordinator. And if you have a great offensive coordinator, he's probably not going to be around very long. Because somebody else is going to snatch him up to be. They're showing big day. Or there, Andy Reid. Whoever it is the flavor of the month, but its offense that's winning the day right now. So look at saving at Alabama Lane given gone, and a rehab project, just like Steve Sarkisian was a rehab project. Mike Locksley gone head coach in Maryland. This is what we're going to continue to see. Look at the Tennessee Titans right now. Matt Leflore. Where is he? Not the offensive coordinator at Tennessee. He wasn't even there. A full year calendar year. He was there for one season wasn't even impressive and now is with Aaron Rodgers is the top seed in the NFC. Arthur Smith is on everybody short list right now. So far, Abel's going to be looking for another OC next year, one would assume This is through across the board. Look at who's getting jobs in the NFL. Look at what's happened in Cleveland. Now that they've got somebody ready for that job. There's probably a year or two. He could have been a coach two years ago, and that's Kevin Stefanski offensive guy. Boom. All of a sudden they're rolling. Who else is on the short list for everybody? Brian Table That's just the way that it rolls right now. So stark easy. It's just another example of Nick Saban. Whoever's running his offense probably gonna succeed because the recruiting is outrageous. I mean, look at the receiving talent. Look at the running back's look at the quarterbacks as they have gone from being gay managers. Two guys that can wing it, whether it's to a Or Mack Jones or whoever it's going to be to follow him. This is kind of the way that it has rolls. But Tom Herman loses his job in Texas. This is not a surprise. He was 32 18 in four years, a Texas when seven and three this season. Beat Colorado on Tuesday in the Alamo Bowl. 32 18. And Tom Herman was pretty great at Houston. I don't want to talk about Tom Herman not being good enough to be the head coach of Texas. I want to talk about outsized expectations at various jobs. In this country in college football. I was talking about this with a couple of people, a couple of friends, a couple people in media..

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