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So they should have worked to set it up a little bit better see it as a matinee or wait to see it on netflix i have some so you didn't enjoy it mostly because of the noise you that what happened to starkly the history that you you like to see a film that's gonna make me angry got away so it shot very well jason clark senate race and clerk is mostly rates his accent kinda comes and goes a little bit he's talking about the boiler room girls you gotta get the boiler room girls that's not them that's such a great excellent i think that is the hottest accent in the world to do i think it's out african well south african that sort of massachusetts kennedy kennedyesque whatever that is what of jackie kennedy had also if you notice straddling i think strategy tonight but i have a question about the history of it just the film make the case or is it a fact that he was driving wasn't driving elected film tell you definitely was driving and is that what the police record snaps as i believe so okay it's i mean he admitted to driving it was just like i don't know how he denies having been drunk and there's a weird kind of shuffle around of like we need to make sure the body doesn't get yeah an autopsy performed on it so that under the guise of like we gotta get this poor girl's body to parents you know they can they can start the grieving in that kind of thing it was just like we need to make sure nobody really looks into this just like i guess in here's the thing too i didn't go in knowing i was going to be as angry as i was going to be because i did not know that it was apollo eleven i love the space race and it's so much hope and promise and aspiration.

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