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Monday morning America's first news continues on this thirteenth day of January and president trump and house speaker Nancy Pelosi are squaring off ahead of the impeachment trial in the Senate the speaker says senators will quote pay a price if they block new witnesses from testifying on ABC's this week speaker policy defended holding up the impeachment article saying the onus will now be on the Senate I've always said I would send them over so that there should be any mystery to that but we did want that when we think we accomplished in the past few weeks is that we want the public to see the need for witnesses witnesses with first hand knowledge of what happened documentation which the president has prevented us from coming out to the Congress as we review this leader McConnell didn't budge on witnesses at all he's not promise when he says that he will have to I think that he will be accountable to the American people for that over seventy percent of the American people think that the president should have those other witnesses testify so again it is the it's about a fair trial they taken over to take have a fair trial and we think that would be with witnesses and documentation so that dynamic has now the ball is in their court to either do that or pay a price for the center McConnell is made is that they're just following that he's gonna follow the Clinton model that you have a couple of weeks of presentations by each side and then you have a vote on witnesses it was a hundred nothing vote for that procedure back in nineteen ninety eight nineteen ninety nine so why isn't it fair now it isn't the same thing either of at least six reasons and I could take the whole program going on how it is different was the biggest from that that the biggest one is that the witnesses were all deposed you know this witnesses that eventually came all the hose the president has not allowed the witnesses to be deposed that for the house or for the Senate yes so the the evidence was there it was just a question of bringing it more to the forefront said that this is a very major difference you can depose the witnesses are you can't president trump by tweeting the Senate should dismiss his trial he says Pelosi and house intelligence committee chair Adam Schiff should testifies witnesses though if I they move forward Republican as Senate leader Mitch McConnell says he wants a speedy trial US and Canadian accident investigators say they're on certain how much access they'll get to the side of that Ukrainian passenger jet crashed in Iran of course and there were fears that late Friday that the probe might already be compromised by the removal of wreckage and then of course on Saturday Iran admitted it shot down that airliner former NTSB chair Jim hall told CNBC Iran is obligated to ask Boeing and the national transportation safety board to help investigate laden with imitation is consistent with the Iran for sponsor ability as the lead investigator under the rules of the international civil aviation organization and I would certainly hope that the NTSB amble and as well as the other countries involved would participate in a full fare independent and thorough investigation I think that would have to be done under the oversight of the international civil aviation organization this time they get involved in these matters what is your experience if you have experience in in what I would describe as any kind of analogous situation where there may have been a crash in an a in a country that was not particularly friendly with the United States has the record shown that the investigators were free they'll look and go wherever they wanted to for example to examine the fuselage for signs of shrapnel that could have come from a missile at central under my watch we had the age of terror investigation which I insisted be delegated by the Egyptian government to the NTSB it was a full and fair investigation the Egyptian government at the end disagreed and and blamed the cause of the accident on problems with the Boeing seven six seven but it was a full complete investigation and it's on the NTSB website as I mentioned Iran announcing Saturday that its military quote on intentionally shot down that jetliner blaming quote human error the Pentagon says that two US soldiers killed Saturday in Afghanistan by a roadside bomb where both of what well well we're from Virginia and Illinois on Sunday military officials identified the casualties as twenty nine year old staff sergeant Ian McLaughlin of Newport news Virginia and twenty one year old Miguel Villalon of Joliet Illinois way both were assigned to the three hundred seventh brigade or battalion third brigade combat eighty second airborne Fort Bragg the Pentagon says the vehicle was hit by an IED in Afghanistan scanned a heart province to other soldiers were injured a media reports say a passenger who sprinted out of planes cockpit during a flight pounding on the door before attacking a flight attendant and fighting with two officers at that Newark airport been charged with aggravated assault and other crimes twenty eight year old Matthew Dingli was arrested Thursday for injuring the flight attendant and six officers including one who was hospitalized with broken ribs a passenger on that United Airlines flight from Washington DC to Newark told NBC it started when a Dingli sprinted at the cockpit began pounding on the door the pastor says Dingli then attacked a flight attendant and officers who arrested him when the plane landed in Newark well speaking of the friendly skies if you well NASA welcoming eleven new astronauts to its ranks in the Canadian space agency also welcome to new astronaut they're the first to graduate since NASA announced its Artemis program which aims to land the first woman and next man on the moon by twenty twenty four it is my pleasure to be here today to honor our newest class of astronauts this is a very exciting day not only for these impressive men and women but it's also incredibly exciting day for our nation and for.

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