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Got a sneaking punch the judge something about this dealing I'm sure he does. Unfunded I'll get the truth out of him by to beat the old goat with his own asa fitted a bag. Areas going into his house. Is. You'll rascal sees me get into the house. or You come here. Look at them rotten. One more grab and I've got. Michael Not by the hair of your Tinny Chin Chin Go. I WanNa talk to you. Galley I'm very busy and it's time for my Kayla. Water your key lack water can wait. I want you to tell me the truth and nothing but the truth. I. Listed my house for sale with Bronco. Only as a gesture to encourage, the boy and somebody pulled a sneaky trick on me and bought you know anything about judge at the leading question. Judge were you. Were you not talking to Rumson Bullard in front of Drugstore this morning? Me See PV's drugstore answer, yes, or no judge well. I bought a package Soda mince and gave me a glass of water. You'll never out on this. Board Oh he's fine. Here judge a cashier's check a deposit on my house now. WHO purchased this check? I can't tell you don't have guy. The name is not. Have you ever seen this check before? Goodness look worse. You're supposed to be an old friend of mine you WANNA. See Me Lose my house. You WanNa. See it so right after him under my little family, Nokia less. I drew my attorney. I know but I'm Rumson Borg's attorney to he pays me. So it is bullet, who's buying my i? Didn't say that yellow. It isn't ethical for an attorney to talk about his clients affair, but it is bored. I didn't say Watson I didn't say it wasn't what you didn't say it wasn't. Wasn't, wasn't it? It was I mean it wasn't. Now. Trapped. In Coronado goat..

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