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Remarking ariza so it's not like the google travel manager was you know knew about us but has is spent some more time with the travelers i realize some of them were traveling for you know for work or they were being sent to south palo for free weeks for work in thought this was wow i could stay at one of these places seta corporate hotel that would be super cool so the idea to sort of start targeting corporates directly came out of my own sort of you know them and seeing why they were staying yod okay all right then you said you know we can't just be in one city in one country we have to go beyond what's the next place they moved to sao paulo so so we sort of simultaneously so amid one this is argentina you don't have a ton of capital so trying to look at places that were geographically close by you know in that sort of easier execute from management perspective i didn't realize that point brasilia's or the hardest comes as the world of which do business yeah i said oh yeah sao paulo seeing it's close it's a major city let's do sao paulo and that will sort of prove out are sort of urban kind of more business oriented case and same time let's go to putin ls day uruguay also physically close but a sort of sheikh leisure destination where we can sort of prove out the higher end kind of leisure use case so i sort of felt with that triumvirate of cities i was i was proving concept in a few different areas so it was still thinking about the luxury individual client and thinking about how do we give them different options not because this is where they happen to be but because we want something close to us yeah but a combination of odyssey had to be relevant to you know to the travelling can pick some random places because it's close to you but a combination of what's going to be relevant to our audience what what's the destination i'd like to introduce maybe to our audience is going to be relevant to them but also what is geographically sort of manageable picking hong kong wind event wouldn't made sense about right i'm on the web site for the club clubhouse b a dot.

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