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Get behind the deal at your local so cal Chevrolet dealer and see why Chevrolet keeps bringing home award after award learn more at so cal Chevy dot com that so cal Chevy dot com what's really going on in this country if you want a daily deep dive for everything about politics national security in culture you subscribe and listen to the podcast of the box action show hates Bucks accent I'm a former CIA analyst who served overseas in war zones I bring a pro freedom proconsuls your perspective the day's events laughs about the absurdity of everything too I heart radio is number one for podcast but don't take our word for it find the box section podcasts on the I heart radio app for ever you get your podcasts KFI father of these young adults inside the basement he may have suffered a stroke years ago we sitting in the bed so who was holding a hostage against the fifty eight year old guy he was doing one of the kids didn't know there were other people in the world yeah they were waiting for the end of time according to the story yeah I'm not that old three games to the six on KFI and here we go handle morning crew more handle on the news Jennifer wanted me and your chance to win some money KFI has your shot at one thousand dollars now the nation wide keyword H. A. M. B. two hundred get a confirmation text it involves standard data rates apply in this nation wide content handed to two hundred two hundred and as usual.

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