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Sixty three forty three a barrel as a very important bottom line to this. What's happened yesterday with the fed And the market reaction today a very very important bottom line for long term investors this is important realize the fed has raised its economic growth forecast from four to six and a half percent and says regardless of possible record growth in the economy it will not raise interest rates for another and a half years and will remain extraordinarily accommodative for a very long time to come. There are experienced economists. That are saying right now that the fed won't raise interest rates in their lifetime. That's unbelievable it is and if you're a long term investor take note. Has there ever been a more positive environment for long for careful. Appropriate long-term investing in your lifetime interesting now wall street journal editorial board has its doubts Saying yeah ok. Apparently happy days are here again but at the end of their opining. They say it's hard to believe that the fed forecasters believe this seven of the eighteen dared to predict rate increases in twenty twenty three and gasp. Oh the humanity four of them even in twenty twenty two but the editorial board of the wall street journal concludes. That's all something for financial markets to worry about in the future for now. And as far as chairman powell can see the policy is to keep the pedal to the metal keep flooring very well said very well chosen words which is typical for the wall street journal editorial board true that absolutely. I right keith. Wineman presidential wealth management hard at work. Y'all dug out and back to work back totally and welcoming your questions as always an and i love. I hear from so many people so many listeners scale with excellent excellent questions and it's so it just it. It's a wonderful to see people asking these wanting these answers of objective to the fact answers to questions so they can get on with responsibly..

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