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Wait to talk to you. It's 5 39. Time for organs. Agribusiness Brief. Good morning. The market activity yesterday pretty good in some commodities and not so good in others. Soybean futures backed away as a profit taking setback came in after the market approached the 4.5 year high. Corn futures ended firmer on technical buying, while wheat moved lower prices at the end of the trading day, the March wheat contract down one and three quarter cents a bushel. March corn, up two cents a bushel, and the January soybean contract and the down too, and the quarters and a bushel. Lives. Dog futures yesterday, Cattle futures were firm while hog futures eased on around a technical selling workers expecting a USDA report. Fridays to show in 8.6% decline In cattle placements during the month of November. And so at the end of the trading session, we saw market prices in livestock futures and the Chicago Merc until exchange. January Theater Cattle Up 72 cents, ah hundredweight, but the February like cattle futures and nine cents higher. You and the $113.75 abound. Taison yesterday fired seven managers after a probe into covert 19 wagering a pork plant in Waterloo. I want According to Dyson. On Wednesday, it said it had fired seven managers and earn I've report plant after investigating allocating gay shins that they took bets on how many employees would catch covert 19. The independent investigation, led by former U S. Attorney General Eric Holder came in response to a lawsuit filed by the son of a worker at a Tyson facility in water. Lee. Why, what Who died in April of the complications from the covert 19 virus. That side biz for this morning, and I'm already in Samuelsen. Have a great day. Thanks is always story in 5 41 our TV interview with O'Ryan. And I even learned a few things talking to them about his life and career will be on the news nation. Broadcast Friday night tomorrow night. That is between seven and 10 every night Central time and our conversation will air between 9 30 10 tomorrow night on Your cable channel WGN. America. It is 5 42. Was reading about New Year's Eve in Times Square this year, which is going to be different. No crowds, but they will drop the ball. Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin Eve with Ryan Seacrest, Jennifer Lopez on the show and Cindy Lauper. Event closed to the public, So that'll be that'll be strange, And there's something else this morning that I saw. Um An additional performer. And I have no idea what I did with that note, but I will find it there. Sure with you. At some point this morning. What did I do with that? That really bothers me. I was so proud of myself. And I found this note because I wanted to mention this at this time. And I don't know where it is. Well, you know what? Show business is a show and there's a lot of business here behind the scenes, a lot of paperwork coming up. We'll have our associate of being thought Leader conversation as we always do on Thursdays, right before six, and we play name that TV tune on Thursdays would do that. Between six and seven. And we've got a good 10. I think you're gonna like the theme we played this morning. If he were the first person to call in and identified you will get a $50 app gift card. That's coming up. And also we unearthed from the archives. A very interesting conversation. Marianne and I had on this radio station. With Barry Gibb. And it was back in 2014. Berry was on tour. We saw him at the United Center. What a great show. I hope he tours again. And there's a lot of interest in the BG's again because of that fantastic documentary that's running on HBO, and we'll let you hear that conversation. This morning between 6 37 So glad you're with us here, 5 44 right now and what's going on outside? Let's go to Steve Brizan Ege right now. Nothing but we're looking forward to.

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