Joe Biden, Yesterday, Barack Obama discussed on The Rush Limbaugh Show


They raise their children on it. They strap bombs to their children to go blow themselves up in israel and bus depots and on buses and in schools. War is their way of life. You may not like hearing. It may find it difficult or impossible to believe but don't doubt me so anytime. The united states pushes for a ceasefire whether they know it. Or not there. Aiding hamas but. I don't think that's why they do it. Don't misunderstand. i think they push for a ceasefire because they all want to be seen as brokers peace and they all got this dream of being league guy who finally brought peace to the middle east. They all have that much hubris. They all have that kind of ego to think what the power of their personality. Their ideas the fact that they served in vietnam can bring to these negotiations elements that others have never had a every one of these guys thinks they have the magic bullet and there isn't one if it is involved in diplomacy. We were told we were told throughout the campaign that joe biden is an old experienced hand foreign policy. He's been at this for a longtime he. He knows a lot of these people. He's been bragging in the last week that you know. Foreign leaders are asking him. Or are you really back as america really back. Remember in june of twenty twenty. Remember in june of twenty twenty bob gates. Who was one time head of the cia was a one time head of the second was one time secretary of defense worked closely with obama and biden. Remember it was. It was bob gates. Who said who said that. Joe biden is never been right on foreign policy issues. Never he seen him. He seen him for forty years. He's never been right. He warned about that and then stood by that very statement. Joe biden is not directly involved in this conversation at one conversation. Be netanyahu yesterday was it. Kamala harris mea hasn't been seen Hasn't done a press conference in two months and tony blinken. Who's supposed to be this. Wizard of foreign policy is in copenhagen visiting the danes. he ought to be visiting bb. This is worse than the gang. That can't shoot straight. This is this is a gang..

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