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Wherever you find your podcasts presented by that rivers you get access to all our interviews all the segments. You might have missed and it really helps us out so take ten seconds out of your day search. You bet wherever you find your podcasts apple odyssey wherever and subscribe rate review to you better. you bet. We've sincerely appreciate it with that ken. I guess it's time that time of the week. It is from tyler on first year before it gets to the gulf. That's tyler what's going on. Are we doing guys. How do you feel now that summer leagues over bitter sweet actually loved it. I always love the summer. League was great to me. Grateful you want like ten and two on the pets. Yeah so i would think but like an ended on a sour note but we still one people saying thank you for even setting light on the some relief from as you're welcome really high near exactly all in all a successful week. I had a blast. Are you like are you know now that you are the king of the summer league in like your crown will have to be put back up next summer. The summer league starts you are the summer league guy now. Oh i'm here for it. I was. I was born ready. I was born for this moment. If i were you. I would take the opportunity over the course of the next year. Get more reps on air. You should be booked by odyssey stations around the country to give summer league bets next summer. That is a goal that i think you should have now. Listen i'm not you. I'm just saying that. Something that i think is out there in the realm of possibility. I'm all for it. I was put on this earth but some really games. I believe so. We'll see we'll see what happens ben. Summer league and eat mozzarella sticks. Tyler morales story okay. And and also give golf mets out here for the northern trust rick directiives translation. Nick would be down for a week off his normal heads. That is definitely true. Less real quick. Like i got three tomorrow like it's done. It's like life's over. Its official tonight too. Yeah yeah have you worked out. Have you ever. Nfl season like what your week is from. A hit standpoint yet almost confirmed. How many are you doing the radio. It's not it's not. it's not like a couple okay. i think i'm doing like maybe like one or two more than i did last year. Because like i don't like like a bunch of like bunch of our talent you included is gonna do it. We'll be doing some as well right. So yeah i actually. I think my my year might be a little. I don't know tough to say a lock on. Let's not get this right now. all right so instead. He has a lot going on all right.

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