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Yes he's been red hot here. I've only been to ufc. Fight like in the last three years. And i'm owen to one from mr. I mean it was crazy. And i've been so judicious so matty convince me on this one and maybe i'll try to get up to jones's thirty three percent. So how did it go with the main event here alexander. Volkov surreal. Gone the undefeated heavyweight That's the main event of this saturday's card. I'm going to go under four. And a half rounds in the odds right now is four and a half over minus one twenty five. So you're getting a little extra. You're getting a little plus mind. It'll juice And volkov's one of those guys last four wins by knockout. Five of his last six wins come by knockout. He has twenty two knockouts and these are big giant heavyweights in the biggest difference in mma. Boxing is in boxing. You get hit with a flash knockdown. The ref gives you ten seconds. He puts you in a neutral corner counts. Gives you the slow eight count in that time to recover you get a flash knockdown. Ma in the guy. Hammerfest your face into the mat. The fights over and again with these guys of this size and power. These fights just don't tend to the average. Ufc total on heavyweights is one. And a half rounds. We have four and a half round here. Why this number would it is. I think the idea is that god's last fight was really boring in. it's a big recency bias from a french fighter that no one scene that's new to the you have c. But he's undefeated entrenched unlike the flat. Maybe that's the theory here. I'm telling you something's going to happen early here. I like alexander. Volkov is alive underdog in the fight but my best bet under four and a half rounds plus one of five any relation to nikolai volkov. Who know okay. Maybe last questioned the logan. Paul may may whether i mean crazy amount batting on that compared to what you might have thought several states disallowed it and before the fight even happened. Said we're not going to allow betting on this because it's an exhibition because there's not going to be a winner declared him because there's not judging the few states that did allow betting on it very little action on the final usually yes with legalize books and some of the faraway ones might have had a lot of action. I will say this. It seems like not having any decision would make the integrity better. It's either a knockout. There's going to be result right. It'd be a push but for fighter like mayweather doesn't anyone out but the theory is couldn't have been there was a better chance of something really going scammy like something looking like a scam. If the judges are involved. But i hear you..

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