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Jock all the way to his house and knocked on strike night. What the hell you dealing shocking. To An idol not Newcastle road. Jogging like, yeah he's a can come in and I remember I wouldn't wouldn't I didn't want to. Feel. Or portray that I was any kind of victim and I wasn't even sure if I was but I remember going. There another family maybe that could live with. Economic Times. toughy. I. It's kind of tough and I looked like if you can. Please and he looked in my eyes and for whatever reason those. And the next Thursday night. Family, a a man and his wife who I've been working for him as telling aides at bank said, they would take me on to go in their family. Same part of Australia middle area same air everything was in the same area. I never got a nurse, all McPherson or those beaches I was talking about. You have seen the beaches. It's who who delivered the message to mom and pop. The Oh. Well, that night was very clear. I had a meeting with. MOM and. Pop. And the president of Rotary Club and the man whose house about to go move into the present mouth staying with the Dooley's as their named in the in the book were there in the conversation we agreed next Tuesday night will come over and pick up matthew and he's GonNa. Come live with us. Thank you for having me on your house this long. It's been a wonderful stay the president dad that was living with in the house. My Mom's like this is great. He's been. He's been a great ambassador to the United States. He's been a top kid. Didn't talk young man. All Great. We shake on its understood clearly the president of the Rotary Club even says it out loud to the entire rotary members matthews leaving silence show to deliver since it's clear well, that's on Thursday night we ride home not a word set about me leaving Friday. Not Award said about me leaving Saturday nothing Sunday, nothing Monday nothing now we're Tuesday this is the day that this night this man's supposed to come pick me up to take into the new house not one word has been said in the president land with me leaving not one. Weird. Berry we go have dinner. Five, o'clock, eight till about five forty clean, the dishes I'm going to get picked up at six thirty saw was going to say, we know what happens after this party Them getting picked up at six thirty I don't have time from other nightly ritual. Music. So. The dishes, I go back to my room. To check my bags that have been packed since last Thursday night make sure I've got everything and of course, I do because they've been quadruple jet. And getting, knock on the door, my bedroom and who's there. The man of the House the pop. Handset visible by the. Way decided that day you'll be staying with us for the duration of your stay here in Australia son pack your bags, and I went again at two zero. Thank you. But to my euro here I want to go experience with families and as you know, we've already worked this out I. loved the put his finger. As I said, unpack your bags you staying with us for the duration to be staying straight. And I lost it. Through a left took through the door pulled it out of the plywood. Arm Bleeding chard to. Plywood coming out. This man said. Radha you better get your. ASS OUTTA my face. or I'm going to beat you to the ground, take you in the driveway and drag you along the gravel driveway. So long and so hard. You're going to be pulling rocks out of your buck and back to the date. And I was just spitting mad and he had. Backed up and walked off and I go back in the room cleaned up my arm and breaking a sweat and go fuck was that man what's going on? And then I hear Horn. Bit. Six. Thirty guests is there to pick me up. Your Savior Save, your rights I get. My bags are rolling down the hallway through the room through the kitchen out the garage to the car and guess who's in the driveway glad-hand in the guy's GonNa pick me up the whole family I was with the guy just said, I'm going to get heyzer all dropping tears all you've been the grind Hispanic. So special the you've been just an absolutely top top top exchange student. We couldn't have enjoyed it anymore and I'm twilight zone mangled what can. Psychopath. So I in our and leave the rest of the trip. Was Much Easier But I learned those surreal valuable lesson in those four five months that I was with that first family that I'm could easily say, I, don't believe that'd be sitting here talking to you with the life I have right now if I did not have that time in that first family where I was forced inward and forced to figure out how to survive in somewhat keep our sanity. I would have lasted about three days. I don't know I knew going through it memory until the top of the story when I left the Rotary Club wanted me to sign a contract and I left America to go when we signed the contract that they get every other students sign, which is I vow to stay for the entire year unless there's a tragedy or something and I said I'm not I'm not signing a piece of paper. On as I look I'm going for the year shake your hands on it and I, shook on and had some sort of honor and pride that there was no that was non-negotiable for me. And while I was going, you know losing my mind there in that first family. Underneath a cat when I go to bed at night, something kept eating at me going like there's a reason for this. There's an. Infidel parachute yet kind of don't pull it see if you can atmosphere the situation. And I'm overall I'm glad I did yeah. Well, if anything comes out of this, I know the man better than most anybody listening watching. He is a man of his word, just leave it at that now. You touched on it and I say touch and it was a very brief mentioned in the book and and I want to. Tread lightly here and I. Don't I will go or not go wherever you don't want. There is mention of some episode in Australia as you were unconscious which I is one of your closest friends. Yeah..

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